NCSEJ Commemorates 65th Anniversary of the Night of the Murdered Poets

Mark B. Levin


WASHINGTON, DC - August 9, 2017 – NCSEJ commemorates the 65th anniversary of the Night of the Murdered Poets, which took place on August 12, 1952 in Moscow. On that day, twenty-four Jewish poets, artists, and other cultural figures were executed in Lubyanka, the headquarters of the KGB. Rounded up in 1948-1949, the victims of this purge were found guilty of false charges including treason and espionage. Among those killed were writers David Bergelson, Itzik Feffer, David Hofstein, Leib Kvitko, Peretz Markish, and actor and director Benjamin Zuskin.

To commemorate this tragic event, NCSEJ has re-released a collection of poems first compiled in 1972 for the 20th anniversary and last distributed in 2002 for the 50th anniversary. The collection includes writings by some of those who were executed.

NCSEJ was founded in 1971 as the National Conference on Soviet Jewry to secure the liberation of Jews from the Soviet Union. It continues to serve as a leading advocate for Jews and Jewish communities across Eurasia. 

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Founded in 1971, NCSEJ represents the organized American Jewish community in monitoring and advocating on behalf of the estimated 1.5 million Jews in Eastern Europe and Eurasia, including the 15 successor states of the former Soviet Union.