August 14, 2018

You might not want to do the drill exactly as it is laid out in the video, but the idea behind the posts I make is to get you thinking about creating a multiple effort drill that will benefit your players in the “Improvement Season” (April through September). For example, you could use pads on the layup to simulate finishing through contact or could specify a specific type of finishing move other than a straight layup.
Hope this helps your summer basketball training! 

Resource for Basketball Players
The workbook includes a
comprehensive leadership
development plan encompassing
four areas of leadership development–
the physical, intellectual, emotional and
social dimensions. In Becoming a Team
Leader you’ll find easy-to-use tools,
 exercises, and assessments to develop and significantly
 improve your leadership skills.

  Resource for Basketball Coaches
  In Coaching for Leadership, author,
  professor, and former coach, Cory
  Dobbs flips the coaching plan on
  leadership and team building.

  Rather than relying on “seniority”
  and “teachable moments,” coaches
are invited to deliberately prepare every team member
for a vital team building role.

Quote of the Day

"You can say whatever you want
to say to try to get somebody to
believe you. Probably won't work.
At the end of the day, trust is

Bill Gates
Brian Williams
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