We have made incredible progress, combatting the Wall Street billionaire who wants to but this election and exposing the political insider who is trying to exploit Bernie Sanders supporters while avoiding action that upsets power brokers & bosses because he is a cowardly and compliant drone to the corrupt establishment that rules New Jersey.
We still have a long way to go to fulfill our destiny as the heirs of a political revolution that will unshackle our state from the web of corruption and tyranny of Trumpism. America's hopes and aspirations depend on you taking responsibility for this movement because nobody can do it for you. Democracy is not a spectator sport & the stakes are higher than ever!
This fight must go on, so I am calling on you to step up. Our children are threatened with extinction due to inaction on climate change. They face grim hope in an economy crippled by inequality and corporate welfare. My plan to expand free public education from pre-K to college while cutting property taxes in half is the only sound agenda for New Jersey!
Making this state a pioneer for single payer health care would show America the benefit and financial responsibility of a sane replacement for the greedy approach that demands people to choose, "Your money or your life" when confronted by catastrophic injury or disease.
Getting more women to run for political office is one essential part of this plan, so it is time to stop waiting for somebody else to handle your share of responsibility. A majority of the population has been shut out of the political process, so women need to get in now, because this is no game we are playing: It's a peaceful revolution!
And if we do not wage a peaceful revolution now, you are inviting a violent one in the near future. We have been cheated and robbed by the greedy rich for decades, so there is no time left to lose. You must invest money, time and effort. The alternative is another defeat for you, your family and our future. That is something no American can afford.