April 27, 2018 Elijah - Shavuah Tov

Making the Omer Count
Harmony Coffee House
Last year, as part of its "Make the Omer Count" program the Social Action Committee of Temple Beth Miriam began sponsoring an annual performing arts event to raise money for a worthy charity. This year, the Committee's efforts were led by Michael Topper, 16, who organized the "Harmony Coffeehouse" on Sunday, April 15. This event welcomed musicians from TBM and the surrounding communities to come together and raise money and awareness for the Asbury Park Music Foundation. Approximately 75 people attended and over $500 was raised. A great time was had by all who attended and performed.

Topper led a steering team consisting of temple youth Maya Restifo, 16, and his younger brother, Elliot Topper, 14, as well as adult SAC members Chase Kaplan, Liza Restifo, Gayle Topper, and Michael Vernick. Together they invited performers, planned and publicized the event, coordinated space needs, arranged refreshments, liased with the APMF leadership, and worked the event. Performers included professional musicians such as Luke Bonenfant, Matt Brown, Peter Nussbaum, and Georgia Owen. Many talented musicians from the community also appeared, including Jacynth Apora, Anthony Campana, Rob Pasternak, and "Old Davy" Taylor. The TBM family was well-represented with performances by Cantor Marnie Camhi, Araiya Casriel, Chase Kaplan, Jacob Gerbman, Ryan Gerbman, Elliot Topper, and Robert Topper. 

Among other activities, the APMF provides its "The Music Saved My Life" youth music education programs to Asbury Park residents. More information can be obtained from their website (asburyparklives.org). 
Terrific Upcoming Events
Take advantage of these great programs & bring a friend!

  • Zumba and Smoothies: May 6, 11:45 AM
        Join Cantor Marnie and the Sisterhood for a fun class followed by make your     own custom smoothies
  • Men's Club Blue Claws Outing: April 29, 1 PM​​​​​​​    
    Enjoy a great family outing for free!
  • Pet Fair and Blessing: May 6, 12 PM
    Our second annual blessing of our furry friends
  • Shabbat Hike: May 12, 5:30 PM
    A unique way to end Shabbat with a walk in the woods
  • Shabbat Lamishpacha: May 18, 6:30
    Let's sit on the bima with the rabbi and cantor and make Shabbat
  •  Learn How to Lead a Shiva Minyan: May 22, 7:00 pm
  •  Welcome Vin Gopal, State Senator: June 10, 9:30 AM
        Join us for breakfast and come hear our State Senator and ask questions
  • Family Camping the TBM Backyard: June 16, 6 PM Setup
    S'mores, snores and stars!
  • Murder Mystery Night - limited reservations so make yours today
        A fun who-done-it evening hosted by Rabbi Cy and Stella Stanway

For details on all these events, see announcements below
Important Notice about Breakfast with the Rabbi on May 6

The Breakfast with the Rabbi on May 6 has been canceled due to an unforeseen conflict.  We will reschedule this breakfast for a later date.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Rabbi Stanway
Learn How to Lead a Shiva Minyan

Rabbi Stanway will be teaching how to lead a Shiva Minyan from the Beth Miriam siddur for a house of mourning.  The class will take place on May 22 at 7 pm and everyone is most welcome.  Come learn how to do this mitzvah and be in our shiva pool of ba'alay tefillah.