To the 6 Catapult supported films premiering at Sundance 2020
A Thousand Cuts
Directed and Produced by Ramona S. Diaz
Produced by Leah Marino, Julie Goldman, Chris Clements,
and Carolyn Hepburn

Nowhere is the worldwide erosion of democracy, fueled by social media disinformation campaigns, more starkly evident than in the authoritarian regime of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Journalist Maria Ressa places the tools of the free press—and her freedom—on the line in defense of truth and democracy. 
Crip Camp
Directed and Produced by Nicole Newnham and Jim LeBrecht
Produced by Sara Bolder

Down the road from Woodstock in the early 1970s, a revolution blossomed in a ramshackle summer camp for disabled teenagers, transforming their young lives and igniting a landmark movement.
I Carry You With Me
Directed and Produced by Heidi Ewing
Produced by Mynette Louie

An epic love story spanning decades is sparked by a chance encounter between two men in provincial Mexico. Based on a true story, ambition and societal pressure propel an aspiring chef to leave his soulmate and make the treacherous journey to New York, where life will never be the same. Cast: Armando Espitia, Christian Vázquez, Michelle Rodríguez, Ángeles Cruz, Arcelia Ramírez, Michelle González. 
Once Upon a Time in Venezuela
Directed by Anabel Rodriguez
Produced by Sepp R. Brudermann

Once upon a time, the Venezuelan village of Congo Mirador was prosperous, alive with fisherman and poets. Now it is decaying and disintegrating–a small but prophetic reflection of Venezuela itself. 
Us Kids
Directed and Produced by Kim A. Snyder 
Produced by Maria Cuomo Cole and Lori Cheatle

Determined to turn unfathomable tragedy into action, the teenage survivors of Parkland, Florida catalyze a powerful, unprecedented youth movement that spreads with lightning speed across the country, as a generation of mobilized youth take back democracy in this powerful coming-of-age story.
 Welcome to Chechnya
Directed and Produced by David France 
Produced by Alice Henty, Askold Kurov, and Joy A. Tomchin

This searing investigative work shadows a group of activists risking unimaginable peril to confront the ongoing anti-LGBTQ pogrom raging in the repressive and closed Russian republic. Unfettered access and a remarkable approach to protecting anonymity exposes this under-reported atrocity–and an extraordinary group of people confronting evil.

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