April 2016
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This Saturday
April 2nd
10 am
"Yoga Booty Ballet" team-taught by Gillian Clark &
Teigh Gilson

Sunday Midday
12:30 pm
"Power Flow Yoga"

continues with Monica Moss
8250 West 3rd St.
Los Angeles CA 90048
323) 782-0741
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Hello Beloved SWERVER,

Intuition can be developed. The more your use it, the more easily you can recognize it when it appears. One of the keys to developing your intuition, is slowing down to actually notice things around you. Try slowing down while doing a mundane activity for a few minutes every day. Try slowing down your breath. Then, be open. Contemplation naturally occurs and the mind is more open to receiving when we deliberately slow down.

It seems like the more I meditate, them more my intuition plays a role in my life and the more I feel at ease. The more I meditate and contemplate and reflect, the more I feel at ease with myself and my life--the more I trust that the world is a friendly place and that this life--all of this--is a huge gigantic blessing!

Someone told me recently that meditation is a new trend in Los Angeles. Everybody in SWERVE's Tuesday/Thursday Meditation Groups at 3:30 pm knows that and invites you to join in the incubator for your highest intuition.

You can also develop your intuition in this month's Special Workshop with Adela Lavine starting April 9th. I'll be there and I hope to meet you then!


Gillian Alexandria Clark

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