After a long and sometimes-frustrating battle with various bureaucracies, we have finally acquired our license for the World Famous, and highly lucrative, Temple Beth Miriam Raffle.  The prizes are wonderful and well worth the small investment in the ticket.
We will be mailing out ticket books in the next few days and we strongly encourage you to participate in this very important event in the financial life of Beth Miriam. We count heavily on Raffle Ticket sales to help meet our anticipated budget expenditures.
Your ticket purchases go towards the many outstanding programs offered by Beth Miriam for toddlers, young children, "tweens," teens, adults, and seniors.
We hope you will reach deep down into your wallet and buy as many tickets as you can. You can mail your stubs and checks to the office or bring them in yourself.
Many sincere thanks in advance for your most kind and generous consideration,
Bob Kellert
Raffle Chair