December 5, 2017
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Especial Tintas e Solventes (Special Inks and Solvents)
by ProjetoPack


Temperature Affects Polymerization
by Tim Reece, All Printing Resources, Inc.

TSG has found that inconsistent polymerization can often be a result of inconsistent lamp temperature. Once the exposure bed gets up to temperature, typically the exhaust fans will start and keep the lamps at a consistent temperature. This is the point when we can expect and experience a very stable energy output (most often measured in mW/cm2). This also results in a very consistent floor thickness, ranging only ± one thousands of an inch.

The Unfortunate Groove: Score Lines and How to Avoid Them
by Shane Weber, Pamarco

The simple reality of anilox rolls is that their proper care can make or break production. It is essential to understand the greatest issues facing your rolls and what steps are necessary to protect these assets for the long haul. Far too often we see capital wasted because of improper methods of cleaning or handling that damage the surface of a roll and require its replacement. With a firm comprehension of product selection, handling, and well-timed maintenance, most of this damage can be tightly managed or eliminated entirely. While this is true across the board for anilox roll care, it is especially true for avoiding the detriment of score lines.

Why Your Color Might be Wrong on Press: Standards & Ink
by Scott Harig, X-Rite Pantone

In a perfect world, you should be able to put ink in the press and simply run a job. Unfortunately, every year flexo and gravure printing operations waste ink, substrate and press time trying to get color right. Although advancements in technology have made it easier to achieve color accuracy, the variables that affect color still exist. Today we’re looking at how your standards and ink can affect final color.

Printing Fixed Palette Through Consistent Ink Transfer

Fixed palette printing means a printer can simulate up to some 85% of spot colours, using only CMYK (and, in some cases, adding Orange, Green and Violet to the equation). Having a fixed set of inks on a press enables these printers to significantly reduce costs and enhance press uptime. The fixed palette approach is ready to revolutionize the flexography industries. The change is due specifically to advancements allowing for unprecedented process control and consistency.

Laser Anilox Roll Cleaning Technology is a Game Changer

When it comes to new technology, there are certain products that seem to quickly become game changers on how we do things; they just become the norm. So why is this? Usually it is because these products have unique characteristics of ease-of-use, effectiveness, increased productivity, sustainability/environmental impact, and/or safety. New technologies now on the market using a laser to clean anilox rolls contain all of these characteristics, setting them up to be a real game changer.
How to Make Direct Print Corrugated Look Good

James Chesley, Pamarco

There has been a recent increase in companies returning to or making an original investment in direct, high-graphics corrugated printing. Why this draw to something that hasn’t lived up to the capabilities of label printing in the past? In a nutshell: with technology today, there are ways of pushing the limits in direct print that the industry has never seen before. In some cases, direct corrugated print quality nearly replicates that of preprint, but it often does so at a reduced cost. By following a disciplined approach, direct print may result in new clients and increased profits.
The Cost of Out-of-Round and Out-of-Parallel Corrugated Glue Rolls

By David McBeth, Apex International

It isn’t hard to understand that glue rolls for corrugated machines with excessive TIR (total indicated runout), or glue rolls that aren’t parallel, will cause your corrugator to consume more adhesive.  It’s trickier to calculate how much, and when it makes economic sense to correct the problem.  As long as board quality, productivity, and waste are acceptable, it is tempting to post- pone maintenance.  Reducing the question to a comparison of costs helps managers make informed decisions.

Sun Chemical Transform Your Packaging with Color


Kodak Flexo NX - transforming the packaging industry


nyloflex® Xpress Thermal Processing System - for North America


Want to know more about elongated cells on your anilox roll?


The all new Panorama Hybrid from Nilpeter


DuPont Advanced Printing MacKayMitchell Flexo Case Study


rotec® Eco Bridge - Sleeve mounting was never easier

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