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Spring is the time for relaxing on the patio, lounging around the pool, grilling on the deck or meeting friends and families over at the community center or clubhouse.  Here are some critical elements to make those spaces beautiful, comfortable and an active destination.
Planters  - Fiberglass, GFRC, Thermoplastic and concrete planter with colorful foliage will add color and life to any gathering space.  Add self watering irrigation inserts to any of the pots or planters and an investment in greenery and foliage will live to see another day and bring joy to many.
Greenwalls -  Open public spaces can get noisy if there are no sound barriers.
Trailing plants on wire grid trellises will buffer the sound.  Hybrid trellis grids with integral plant modules allow pre-grown vines and trailers to cover a grid trellis in less time than a traditional trellis grid system.  Plant two 4” or one 1-gallon nursery pots into a VGP greenwall system will provide a lush-rich looking living wall.  The trays may be planterd on a VGP mounting panel, a standard 2” x 3” mesh or wire or along rods or stainless steel rope.  The VGM living wall system attaches to stainless steel hanging rails and contains growing modules that when filled with foliage provides instant and complete coverage on any vertical surface.

Greenroof Trays – For those instances where a green roof is part of your temperature control or noise buffering strategy, 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ green roof trays are available.  They contain raised corner drain holes and channels which allows for storm water retention after rainfall. Made with HDPE and containing 60% recycled content, 4” and “8”are standard.   
Seating Areas  - Brighten any deck, patio or pool area with comfortable eating and seating areas using portable, folding and stackable table. Take relaxing to a new level using Adirondack and hanging chairs, low casual seating, rockers and sunloungers.
Umbrellas – A moderate amount of sunshine is great for a deck, patio or pool area, but too much sun can be a downer for keeping gathering places occupied.  The solution – large center post and cantilevered side arm umbrellas.
A center post umbrella can provide a large swatch of static shade.  Side arm cantilevered umbrellas are able to rotate on a pivot to provide the greatest amount of shade at any time during the day.  These durable and sturdy umbrellas may be deck or surface mounted using mounting plates. They are designed to be folded and stored during the winter and are constructed to be repaired after years of service.

Here's time for hot fun in the summertime.