Focusing & Setting Goals
It's time to get amped up for the next 365 days! We are looking forward to tackling 2018 alongside all of you. We are excited for what this year may bring to us, our community, and our local waterways.

During December's JRBP Member "Meet-&-Be-Great" Meeting, our members had a chance to get their thoughts on track for 2018. Each member contemplated their main goal for 2018 - focused on sustainability, volunteering, or action within the community. They then wrote this goal on a water drop and added it to our tree!
Goals from JRBP Members
Here is a list of some of the goals written down by JRBP members during December's JRBP Member "Meet-&-Be-Great" Meeting. We hope you can use these for inspiration for your own goals!

Talk with 10 people about water quality

Better utilize re-usable coffee mugs & cups

Fill a Stream Team bag with trash on each fishing trip

Just say no to single-use plastic straws

Attend a Watershed Committee of the Ozarks monthly meeting

Reduce my meat consumption and impact

Participate in at least 2 JRBP events

James River Tire Round-Up part II in 2018

Remove cedar trees from personal property/glade
 What's On Your "Focus" List for 2018?
We encourage you to take a few moments to yourself to decide a focused goal for 2018 pertaining to sustainability, volunteering, or action within the community!

Still needing some more inspiration? ...
Idea #1:

Get your septic tank pumped...

*To extend the life of your tank & lateral lines

*To protect against groundwater contamination

*To reduce nutrient loading into nearby waterways - protecting drinking water and wildlife habitat

Use the "Fresh Flush" septic pump-out rebate program, to receive $50!

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Idea #2:

Get a rain barrel for your home...

*To spread rainwater at a controlled pace, in a desired location, for a particular purpose

*To reduce pollutant runoff  

*To minimize erosion

*To conserve drinking water 

Use the "Right as Rain" rain barrel rebate program, to receive up to $300!

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Idea #3:

Become a JRBP member...

*To come together with like-minded folks through education, action, and recreation

*To meet new, passionate people within our watershed - and visit old friends

*To attend interesting and inspiring Member Only events

*To directly impact JRBP's ongoing mission through critical funding generated by Individual & Family Memberships and Business Memberships

We hope you can join us as a JRBP member today!
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Idea #4:

Get out and explore more...

*To connect with our natural, beautiful surroundings here in the Ozarks

*To learn while doing

*To check out some of the exciting places listed on the James River Explorer's Guide

Take the time to breathe, walk, bike, draw, write, and observe in the outdoors in 2018! 
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