Why your athletes need to FAIL
[ in order to succeed ]
We do everything in our power as parents, coaches, and administrators to help our kids succeed in sports - but in obsessing over success, are we losing something even more valuable? Justin Baker of Mindful Power says yes. Learn more about the hidden power of failure, and how small shifts in the way we approach youth sports can have powerful effects. ​​​​​​​
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"We have taught our kids to fear failure."
Jessica Lahey, middle school teacher, parent, and author of "The Gift of Failure" talks about how over-protecting our kids and obsessing over short-term outcomes is stunting the development of an entire generation.
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MYAS Sportsmanship Campaign Featured on KSTP
MYAS recently partnered with Youth 1st to launch a sportsmanship awareness campaign at the Grade State Basketball Tournament, and was featured in a story on KSTP news.
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