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No. 1: We Tell Your Stories
LISTEN: Slow Flowers Podcasts for August
Each week the Slow Flowers Podcast releases a new episode featuring timely interviews with flower farmers and floral designers whose wisdom and insights will inspire you! For the month of August, listeners downloaded our episodes 11,470 -- a major achievement given the incredibly busy season we're all experiencing. Thank You!

Check out the wide range of guests introduced to you last month and join the thousands of listeners we educate and inform each week:

Episode 308 (August 2): Kelly Shore’s Unforgettable Year and what happens when one floral designer embraces a local, American-grown sourcing philosophy
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No. 2: We Make Connections
A reunion of the Toronto floristas who I met at Flower House Detroit when they participated as designers. From left: Becky De Oliveira of Blush and Bloom, me, Jessica Hunter of A Fine Medley, Heather Payne (Jessica's mom), and Jessica Gale of Sweet Gale Gardens.
Whenever possible, if travel is involved, we schedule a Slow Flowers Meet-Up to bring people together.
August welcomed the first-ever Canadian meet-up. Nearly 30 flower farmers, floral designers and industry insiders gathered for a Slow Flowers conversation in the dynamic city of Toronto.
It was such a great evening, hosted in the lovely Bloom School by Rebecca De Oliveira of Blush and Bloom (with me, left image).
A very special thank you to Becky and her team for opening their amazing event space to us for our gathering. See a few images of the evening, above.
This meeting was particularly important as it began the brainstorming discussions about Slow Flowers Canada promotions and a pending launch of Canadian Flowers Week in 2018. If you're interested in learning more, please get in touch and I'll connect you with some of the key folks involved in the conversation there.
No. 3: We Create Content
The new partnership between Slow Flowers and Florists' Review magazine continues! To date, we've produced two standalone sections called "Slow Flowers Journal" that appear inside the pages of Florists' Review for August and now, September.
Inspired by our online magazine, also called Slow Flowers Journal, the print edition is packed with beautiful, relatable stories about florists, flower farmers and other pioneers in the Slow Flowers community.
Be sure to follow the link below to claim our special subscription discount of $21 for 12 issues of Florists' Review/Slow Flowers Journal.
And, you can continue to discover fresh, original content online at SlowFlowersJournal.com. Here are some of the newest stories to appear during August:

Thank you to our newest contributor, Katie Clary Githens, of Issaquah, Wash.-based Clary Sage Studio. An experienced writer and journalist, she is flourishing in the design community, as well. For this fabulous article, Katie interviewed three Slow Flowers members across the country.
This is the second year that Syndicate Sales has supported the Slow Flowers Movement as a sponsor and we think it’s a perfect fit to pair Syndicate’s American-made glass vases with the local, seasonal and domestic blooms grown by Slow Flowers members. (c) Missy Palacol Photography
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No. 4: We Showcase Talent
Thanks to our relationship with Johnny's Selected Seeds, Slow Flowers founder Debra Prinzing has contributed several reports featuring members and their work this year.
The goal is to share insights, shifts and new directions in flower farming and eco-minded floral design to help anyone growing cut flowers make smart choices and inspired decisions about what to plant, harvest and design!
Above, you'll see the beautiful arrangement featured in Johnny's "JSS Advantage" newsletter for the month of August. All ingredients were grown and designed by Slow Flowers member Laurie Garza of Fleurie Flower Studio.
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No. 5: We Walk the Talk

We love it when our members Walk the Talk.

You know, keepin' it real when it comes to sourcing local, seasonal and domestic flowers.

And looking for non-toxic options to the same ol', same ol' practices.

Enter: Emily Ellen Anderson of Lola Creative.

If you attended the Slow Flowers Summit this past July, or if you saw anything hopping around social media, then you know about her Uber-Green Flower Wall.

Yep, it's a no-foam production brought to you by someone who cares enough to engineer another way to beautiful. See Emily's pics above and read on for an excerpt from her recent post on Lola Creative.

"Oh the Flower Wall. So impactful, so many flowers... so misunderstood.

Flower walls are a joy to make. It's not often you are able to create a giant floral masterpiece at this scale. Truly impressive, flower walls are the kinds of installations that will knock your guests off their feet. Minds will be blown. But not everyone realizes what goes into them or how much they cost.

I bet you've gotten one of these calls from excitable potential clients:

Client: "Hi, can you make us a flower wall?"

You: "Heck yes, I can!" (super excited)

Client: "Oh my gosh, great, we'll need something about 8 ft tall and 16 ft wide. We want it really lush, oh and can it stay up for 2 days?" (super duper excited)

You: "Absolutely! Did you have a budget range you were thinking about? These things can be shockingly pricey." (all appendages crossed in anticipation, excitement could explode your eyeballs out of your head)

Client: "We have about $1500 to spend on this."

You: Shoulders slumped, spirit drained, mouth agog. "......"

Client: "Hello?"

You: "......."

What's your response?

I kindly explain a general square footage cost for our walls. I know this cost because I track the costs for every wall so it's easy to at least get a number out quick so I can gauge my potential client's reaction.

Flower walls, after all, are a grand gesture. And grand gestures usually require a grand budget.

They also require some guts on your part.

You'll need to charge enough so you are not in the hole. I'm not here to tell you what to charge. Everyone's markup is based on their own needs and how they want to position their company.

BUT in any case, you'll need to know YOUR costs.



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Slow Flowers in the News

Slow Flowers continues to capture the interest of editors who are eager for authentic, eco-conscious content about domestic flower farming and floral designers who are sourcing locally, seasonally and sustainably.
Here are some of our recent media mentions:
We want to support your public relations efforts! If you have a story to share with the press, get in touch! We provide talking points, industry facts & statistics and other valuable resources to help you with media interviews in your community.
Contact: info@slowflowers.com and write PRESS in the subject line.
Slow Flowers members Carly Jenkins of Killing Frost Farm and Katherine Sherba of Mighty Fine Farm, co-founders of Westside Flower Market in Missoula.
Where are all the flowers grown? 
By Erika Fredrickson
Missoula (Montana) Independent 
(August 31, 2017)
Early on a Tuesday morning in mid-August, in one of the worst fire seasons in years, the forests surrounding Missoula continue to burn, leaving a campfire smell on the wind and producing billows of smoke that dull the skies to apocalyptic gray. But at a small residential garage in Missoula, the Westside Flower Market is in full swing, providing a fragrant refuge from the bad air and a sense that there’s still color and life on earth.
Click here to read the full story about Missoula, Montana's Slow Flowers Community►
Check out the new Fall 2017 issue of Country Gardens to find and read Tovah Martin's story about Stacy Brenner and John Bliss of Broadturn Farm! And of course, Tovah's "Slow Flowers" sidebar (above) is a lovely bonus!
Save the Date: Upcoming Slow Flowers Events

September 11-12 | Chico Hot Springs, MT
Tuesday, September 12, 9-10 a.m. 
Debra Prinzing presents "Slow Flowers" as part of this fabulous 2-day symposium about edibles, ornamentals and floral design. Details and registration here.

NEW: October 7 | Guilford, CT
Join me at Trout Lily Farm for an afternoon of Networking, Refreshments and Resource Sharing. Save the Date! More details about the CONNECTICUT Slow Flowers Meet-Up coming soon. Thanks to Michael Russo of Trout Lily Farm for hosting this gathering!

October 9-10 | Waterford, VA
I'm honored to join Holly Heider Chapple of HOPE Flower Farm for her second annual Flowerstock Experience! I'll be leading creative writing exercises for attendees, guiding as everyone begins to transcribe a personal floral narrative. Details and registration here.

NEW: November 5 | Cape Cod, Massachusetts (area)
New England Farmer Florist Connection
Save the Date! Details are in the works for Debra Prinzing's appearance at an exciting gathering hosted in the Cape Cod area. If you're a member of the New England Farmer Florist Connection, keep an eye on their Facebook Page for more details coming soon!
Welcome to our New Slow Flowers Members

We welcomed eight new & renewing members to Slowflowers.com in August! Check them out and be sure to say hello!
Alaska Stems, Homer, Alaska
Blue Sky Flower Farm, New Market, Minnesota
Clary Sage Studio, Issaquah, Washington
Rooster Ridge Farms, Bryan, Ohio
Simple Gifts, Belleville, Illinois
Sunflowers & Sage Floral Design, Carson Valley/Lake Tahoe, Nevada
The Flower Stand, Springville, New York
Whipstone Farm, Paulden, Arizona
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