Vol. 4, Issue 148                                                      Jan. 6, 2017
News and notes from The Partnership
Aroostook Day at the Legislature set for January 25
    AUGUSTA – After a one year absence, Aroostook Day at the Legislature will be back in 2017. The Aroostook Partnership (AP) has scheduled the event for Wednesday, Jan. 25 at the Senator Inn in Augusta.
   “We sponsor Aroostook Day as an opportunity for members of the private, public and non-profit sectors in Aroostook County to interact directly with our elected state representatives on issues of importance to The County,” said Aroostook Partnership President Bob Dorsey.
   Dorsey said Aroostook Day at the Senator Inn begins with a social hour beginning 5:30 p.m., followed by a meal and then more formal presentations.
   Originated by LEADers Encouraging Aroostook Development (LEAD) more than 20 years ago, Aroostook Day has traditionally been well attended by Aroostook County folks and Maine Representatives from across the state.
   Jason Parent, who chairs the Advocacy Committee for the Aroostook Partnership, helped organize Aroostook Day with LEAD, before it merged with AP.
   “I think the lawmakers receive Aroostook Day very well,” said Parent. “It also helps our Aroostook County legislators do their job more effectively by seeing that we are an engaged community.”
   Parent added the lawmakers leave Aroostook Day with a greater awareness of Aroostook’s challenges, but more importantly, a better understanding of opportunities in northern Maine.
   Although Aroostook Day is a largely informal gathering, the opportunity to engage lawmakers is one AP officials appreciate. The format for the formal portion of the gathering is still taking shape, Dorsey indicated a panel discussion will be held focusing on incentivizing workforce opportunities, forestry and the potential for mining in Aroostook County.
   More than 30 legislators and 50 County residents attended the function in 2015 and Dorsey is hoping for a similar, if not larger turnout this year.
   “Bills enacted by the Maine Legislature can greatly impact Aroostook economic development efforts and our natural resources utilization and therefore it’s vital that our legislators get a perspective on our County opportunities and challenges so they can make the best decisions,” said Dorsey. “Aroostook Day is a great venue, a good way to meet and interact with our legislators, and an opportunity to share our rural perspectives.”
   Anyone who would like more information or to attend Aroostook Day at the Legislature is urged to contact Judy Dinsmore at Northern Maine Development Commission by email at jdinsmore@nmdc.org or by phone at (207) 493-5752.
    The cost for the dinner is $45 and tickets are available at this link. The Partnership is picking up the tab for lawmakers, but for an accurate head count, legislators are encouraged to RSVP to Dinsmore.

Maine Legislature to once again review mining regulations
     The Maine Board of Environmental Protection voted unanimously this week to provisionally adopt new regulations that could open the door for large-scale metal mining that hasn’t occurred in Maine since the 1970’s.
    The BEP’s decision means the Legislature will vote for the third time on mining regulations developed by the Department of Environmental Protection after lawmakers twice voted down previous versions created under the same law.
     The potential for hundreds of new jobs in Aroostook County at a Bald Mountain mine is one the Aroostook Partnership believes is worth exploring if the balance between the environment and economic development can be achieved.
    Partnership President and CEO Bob Dorsey penned some thoughts on the potential for mining, which can be viewed on the AP website.
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