Dear --FNAME--,

This week is full of new offerings at SWERVE. Start tonight with Kristin Stanley's "Shake It Off" a cardio dance phenomenon at 6:30pm. (Yeah, I sent this out incorrectly yesterday. I was rushing before I hopped into the MRI tube. MRI-s--wow that's a perfect little cocoon for an afternoon snooze.)

If you can't get to SWERVE by 6:30 tonight, then I've got to entice you to check out "Yoga Barre" with new SWERVE Instructor Jess Ceja. I love this guy, with his super chill energy and sweet spirit yet his serious barre workout, which will make your abs and ass burn, alike.

On Wednesdays at 5:30 "Core Cardio" is presented by Ren Gutierrez, also a new addition to SWERVE Instructor team, who's Monday class was reviewed by fellow SWERVE Grrl, Carla T. as, "Fabulous! Good workout and a lot of fun!" Now, Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30 offer "half & half"--cardio dance featuring Pop, Latin and Hip Hop styles followed by Pilates mat.

Next, we've got two special workshops--this Friday evening with Jeroen De Wit--"Past Life Exploration" and next Saturday midday "Introduction To Lifeline Ignite" with Todd Kurpil. Hurry to sign up, as "Early Bird" pricing expires for Jeroen's workshop on October 9th.

I hope to see you and be your host for all of these offerings of service aimed to you and yours.


Gillian & SWERVE