Scampers Service Notification - February 8, 2019
Dear --FNAME--
We are anticipating a significant snow event that may impact our ability to serve our daycare customers even into next week.
For the peace of mind of the parents of our boarders:

We have set up a few of our staff in a motel down just down the block from our Kirkland location to ensure that they have access to our site without having to drive on dangerous roadways.
Unfortunately, there are no motels close enough to our Bellevue location, so to be sure that our Bellevue boarders are also fully cared for, we have transported them to our Kirkland facility.

We have plenty of extra food in case anyone's stay needs to be prolonged, and we're ensuring all are comfortable and content.

Please note that while we have enough staff to care for our boarders, we are still very limited, and will therefore not be able to accept daycare pooches at either location anytime this weekend.

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to the staff at our Kirkland location, phone (425) 821-9100.


Monday's Snow Day -
just the beginning.

Clockwise from upper left: Dachshunds Manny and Porter, Husky Tumbles, Harley and Jax, Benny as Lil Red Riding Hood, Besties Louie and Benson, Newbie Ellie.
Wishing you a safe and worry-free weekend.
Very best regards,
Linda Olsen and Stina Hughes 
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