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Spirituality is the Journey to center of the Soul

How do you take this journey to the center of the soul is the topic of this post
To undertake this journey, one must differentiate between religion and spirituality
provides institutional code of moral conduct based upon cultural traditions
is based upon universal principles of moral conduct that transcendent all cultures
One could be religious and spiritual as well as only religious or only spiritual.
Some people turn away from religion
because more human conflict ending in war in human history have been fought in the name of religion than any other cause. One such example in modern times is the conflict in the middle east. 

Some examples of universal spiritual principals are
Humans are not a drop in the ocean but the ocean in the drop signifying the principle of connectedness.
We all have collective destiny. 
Most of the spiritual principals are derivative from natural laws that permeate our lives

Another example of a spiritual principle derived from natural  laws is what i discovered myself
When I was a graduate student at the University of Minnesota, I used to go for an early morning walk, It was moonlit morning that particular day.
I was feeling little discouraged by the way my life was going at time. I was going  to my classes, to the library, to the cafeteria and back to my dorm, except that my life space was little larger than the rats I run in psychology lab.
Then as I turned a corner, I saw the most dazzling beautiful moon, I have ever seen in my life. Then a thought came to my mind, 'How did the moon become so beautiful.' Another  thought sprang in my head, " 'Because it follows a routine'
This led me to discover a fundamental natural law,
' Nature is perfect because it follows very well defined routines'
From this law, I learned that even though routines are boring but if practiced with persistence they can lead to perfection as does nature, and my depression dissipated and perspective on life changed for ever
Guide Posts, 
I learned to tread  the journey to the center my soul, are presented below drawn from Sechal,(say -hal ) the wisdom beyond experience, a Jewish tradition in which Jesus christ grew up, and left an indelible message of hope for the mankind. 

Be hard on issues and soft on people.

Learn, listen, and act judiciously.

Get feedback and act on it.
   Use the language of achievement.

Be authentically confident.

Find a passion and act on it.

Emulate someone who has inspired you.

See each challenge as an opportunity for growth.


the wisdom beyond experience,

expands our awareness,

which in moments of reflection can turn

adaptive experiences into transformational changes,

leaving a lifelong imprint on our lives.

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