Summer Newsletter 2016




> 5 Crucial Steps to Planning Your Remodel
Sometimes it's the little things that really make a project. The tiny details that have been thoroughly thought out by our design & building team but at times get lost in a photo or are never seen at all. Hence this segment was born; a place to highlight the details and make us all have a greater appreciation for the little things!

A Space Savvy Kitchen Remodel
                                                                 Photographs by Kyle J. Caldwell

This Kitchen was a great example of how some minor layout changes could make a really big impact on the  functionality of a kitchen as a whole. Without adding onto the home we were able to move some surrounding walls,  integrate an adjacent closet into the kitchen, relocate the fridge and increase counter and storage space all while creating a brighter more modern looking style. 

A modern walnut island, custom walnut built-in bench, sliding barn door with chalkboard panels,  chrome mesh cabinet door inserts and mix & match light fixtures are a few of the details that make this kitchen stand out from the crowd. 

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The Paper Towel Drawer
                                                                  Photo by Kyle J. Caldwell
When designing your kitchen you may not necessarily be thinking about where your paper towels should go,  but a design detail like this can make  your kitchen more functional and your counters less cluttered!

Located just beside the sink (where the paper towels will most often be used)  this paper towel dispensing drawer holds the main roll and slides open to reveal storage for additional rolls as well.  Paired with the mesh food storage drawers this little niche is a beautiful tower of form and function!



This Recipe is inspired by Project Manager Todd Donnelly. The first day Todd brought in Salad in a jar for lunch we had to ask...why the jar? Then we realized that  there is a method to his madness and we thought...GENIUS!

Truth be told this recipe is more about the method and vessel than it is about the here it is; the method that makes Salad in a Jar such a great innovation! Todd & Amy prep a batch ahead of time for quick lunches packed and ready to go for the work week!

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