Andrew, Addy, & Thayer play in the strawberry patch in our new video, produced by Yellow Productions, which showcased the very best of the Farm last year, our 175th farming on Nantucket. Click the picture to see the whole thing!
That Farm Feeling
Some better than others, know the disappointment that can be felt in spring on Nantucket, namely how it can still feel like winter even in late May.  They also know the feeling we share when June finally arrives...relief, and then pure bliss!

The arrival of June means so much to our Farm. Our number of Farm staff will swell to over a hundred by the end of the month, welcoming students and interns from around the world, and Farm grown produce gains a foothold with the threat of frost finally out of the picture. 

Our first tomatoes, sown in February, are ready for harvest, & pick-your-own strawberries arrive just in time for summer.  Our Garden Center bursts with hundreds of blooming roses, hydrangeas, geraniums, and begonias, & the Market becomes a flurry of excited activity as beach days, outdoor dining, picnicking and entertaining become everyday occurrences for our visitors and summer residents. The hard work of spring finally pays off in the smiles on the faces of our returning customers. We hope to see you on the Farm soon, where smiles, discoveries, & memories are just waiting to be made. 

FREE Farm Tours Start Wednesday, June 5th
Continuing a long tradition of offering free farm tours to our customers, we commence this year's schedule on Wednesday, June 5th at 10 am. Led by our lovely & talented Farm hand,  Allison, the walking tours will meet weekly in front of the Market at 10 am on Wednesdays through August 5th. They are weather dependent, and will take guests down to the lower greenhouses so close toed shoes are recommended! 
Garden Center Bliss...
Tropicals for the Home & Patio
Given sunlight, moisture, good drainage and a temperature which stays above 32 degrees the year round, hibiscus will reward the grower with blossoms almost continuously but most prolifically during the summer and fall months.
Clockwise from top left:
Jasmine-  dwarf varieties of jasmine make excellent houseplants. They require even moisture and a sunny location in the home. Watch carefully for pests and water from the bottom to prevent spotting on the glossy leaves. Your jasmine plant will flower in late spring into summer. Repot it before bloom time in early spring as needed.

Olive Trees- Great for the patio and then in fall, bring your Olive tree inside! 

Chinese Fan Palms- Growing fan palms are extra tall and beautiful in a sunny room. 

Blossoming Orange- even if you can’t grow citrus in your backyard, you can grow them in pots! read more, here.
A new shipment of veggies & herbs are in including basil, thyme, oregano, tarragon, peppers, & cucumbers. Heirlooms, cherries, early varieties and more are available for tomatoes, plus we have Tomato-Tone, Garden Dust and other great plant helpers in our fertilizer department. Read on for Pros and Cons of 18 Gardening Methods, will help you suss' out which one will help you be successful!
Check out these cutie berry bushes that just arrived!
Thornless and easy to grow! Enjoy large, sweet berries from compact, upright plants. Decorative and edible, this dwarf blackberry and raspberry plants will even liven up your patio or entryway. We have blueberries too! Grows well in containers! 
Save the Date for your Flower Tour Today!
Spend an hour out in the flower fields, picking flowers, taking photos, and enjoying the beauty that the farm offers. We provide clippers and direction, you cut bouquets to suit your suit your style. Reservations are required. Meet in front of the market a few minutes before 9 am  so we can head out the field and get picking!​​​​​​​
Thursday 7/25
Thursday 8/1
Thursday 8/8
Thursday 8/15
Thursday 8/22
Reservations available on our website!
Friends of the Farm 
Did you know?- There are lots of ways to save at Bartlett's! Read below for all the of the ways we show our customers love!
Sign Up for our Friend of the Farm Card- Stop by our Customer service desk and fill out a quick sheet to receive our farm friend of the farm card which you can rack up points with each dollar you spend. Spend $500 and get $10 bucks off your groceries! Save them up for a rainy day, or get a fun surprise discount when you least expect it! 
Save a cup & 
save some $$$
Bring your own hot coffee or iced coffee mug or cup and get charged for a small!

(container size must be within reason! No Big Gulps please!)
We don't have one, but TWO cards to
collect for free product!
Buy 10 kombucha refills and receive your eleventh on us!
Same with those delicious breakfast sandwiches! Buy 10 and the next one is FREE!
...don't forget your card so we can punch it!
Outdoor Entertaining Season has Begun
Read on for our market picks to enrich your next outdoor gathering! We have so many great products and ingredients to take your cooking to the next level.  Here are a few we thought you should know about!
Lobster Dinners are Back!
4 pm to close nightly
(Mondays will be by pre-order only until week of June 9th)
1 1/2 lb Lobster with cracked claws, sweet corn on the cob, red bliss potatoes, & coleslaw,
served with drawn butter & grilled lemon
$31.99 each. $119.00 for 4
Rancho Gordo is Back in Stock
Rancho Gordo has made beans cool again. 

Sure, our Grandparent's idea of a good time was baking beans on a Sunday and Dad's idea of a home cooked meal was canned beans with chopped up hot dogs, but where is their place in a modern kitchen? Are beans worth the wait of a long overnight soak and and then an hour or more in boiling water before they are ready? Well...if your answer is no, then you haven't tried Rancho Gordo yet. The company's heirloom beans have garnered international praise for their outstanding flavor, texture, and mission to help resurrect and sustain certain indigenous varieties that are threatened to become extinct.  Next time you're craving homemade hummus, a great bean salad, or side dish, pick up a pound or two and taste how incredible home-cooked 
heirloom beans can be!
Lillie's BBQ Sauces
Grandma Lillie believes BBQ worth writing home about starts with 100% natural ingredients worth scouring for. 
Spicy cayenne from Memphis. Black Pepper from Northern Alabama. Apple and Lime Juices from the West half of the Carolinas, vinegar from the East and tangy mustard from the South. It’s tradition you can taste. No matter what BBQ style you are loyal to, Lillie's makes a sauce for it. 
Dom's Marinated Meats-
We carry lots of varieties of Dom's like their Steakhouse marinated steak and chicken tips, lemon pepper chicken, original marinade and many others. These are super easy to prepare, simply fire up the grill, open the pack, and cook over medium heat until fork tender and delicious! 
Navy Hill Tonic-
Our American-made premium mixers offer something unheard of in the cocktail industry: electrolytes. These natural potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium ions replace essential elements depleted when drinking alcohol, leaving you feeling more hydrated and refreshed.
Rosé all Day!
Our rosé selection is chock full of beautiful varieties farmed responsibly from families who care about the land and what they add, or more importantly, what they don't add (stabilizers, colorants, sulfites...) to their wines!
Taste the difference!
We love these bright, soft cooler totes (above, right) for carrying our beer and wine to the boat or beach! Roomy, easy to clean interior, thick, sturdy tote straps, and a convenient outer pocket make them the number one soft cooler in our book.
Bentwater Brewing hailing from Lynn, Mass, is a project that started between four friends, and has enjoyed so much success in such a short amount of time that they now employ over 20 people, and self-distribute up and down the Massachusetts coast. Never ones to splash their beers at every corner store, Bartlett's is one of the only stores on the Island to sell the brand. Taste for yourself the deliciousness that is Bentwater!
What are they? Swedish Dishcloths! 
What's a Swedish Dishcloth?
The original Swedish dishcloth material was invented by a Swedish engineer in 1949. We carry Three Bluebirds brand, which are made with this same material: 70% wood cellulose from FSC certified forests and 30% cotton.
Replaces paper towels + sponges
        3,000 tons of paper towels end up in our country’s landfills every day.        One Swedish Dishcloth replaces 17 rolls of paper towels. It absorbs 20x its weight. It is far more hygienic than a sponge and won’t crumble or pill.
It air dries quickly, so it doesn’t breed bacteria or smell.  

Cleans most household surfaces
Perfect for household chores, from cleaning up spills to polishing.
Can be used with just water, soap, or cleaners.
Cleans counter tops, granite, stainless steel and glass.                      
Cleans virtually streak-free.

Can be washed 200 times
  It can be cleaned in the washing machine or in the top rack of the dishwasher.  It can also be boiled or microwaved (when damp) for one minute.  Hang over the faucet or lay flat to air dry. Do not tumble dry.
Brave the Beach with New Toys!
Farm Talk & Wellness Crawl this Weekend
NISHA talks pet wellness in the Hayloft this Saturday. Details below!
The Nantucket Wellness Crawl is a one day event on June 2nd with over 20 Nantucket wellness businesses taking part. Your tickets gets you access to classes, talks and sample services at any of those businesses and a free bicycle for the day to get you from A to B! It's everything from fitness to massage to meditation! We are taking part with TWO farm tours! One at 10 AM and the other at 11:15 AM!
Who's Your Farmer? Get to Know our Staff

Quinn McKeown, Inventory & Receiving

The Farm would like to extend another warm welcome back to Quinn Mckeown! Quinn is originally from the lovely island of Bermuda and relocated to Massachusetts 6 years ago.  He attended San Diego State University where he studied Marketing and Sports Management.  Quinn's first impression of Nantucket was that it was a wonderful sandbar 30 miles out to sea and a world all its own.  Quinn originally started as a Garden Center Customer Service Associate for two summers, took a brief hiatus, and has returned to join the Inventory/Receiving Team.  Coming into work Quinn most looks forward to seeing the friendly faces of his coworkers and the daily challenges that come with the job.  When Quinn isn’t in the down in the basement making carts full of products to head to the market floor, he can be found surfing, fishing, or anything that gets the sand between his toes!  AH-MAZING fact about Quinn, he has represented his home country of Bermuda in the Denver 2014 World Lacrosse Games, as well as, the Tel Aviv 2018 World Lacrosse Games. 

Quinn has been welcomed back to the farm with quiet literally open arms, handshakes, high fives and hugs seem to be the only fitting reception upon his return!  We are thrilled he has rejoined us and cannot wait to spend another season with his infectious smile and team work mentality!

 Fresh Catch Hours
 Additional Location!
Fresh Catch has an additional location!
Be sure to visit them on the Farm AND at Glidden's Seafood, at 115 Pleasant Street!

 Fresh Catch at Bartlett's Farm
Tuesday through Sunday
9 AM-6 PM
The Registers have been Further Streamlined!
To ease the flow even more up front, we have made two credit card only lanes and one cash and card lane. The self checkouts will remain both cash and cards! 
Are you a friend of the farm? Email to switch to emailed receipts! Bring her your clean, folded brown bags! We will happily take them! 
Save the Date
6.5- Free Farm Tours Commence-
Wednesdays @ 10 am
6.13- Hours Change to 8-7 pm