Coronavirus Update from Scampers
posted May 15, 2020

Hello, Scampers family.

We have heard from Governor Inslee that Phase Two, our phase, should reopen on June 1st, depending upon achieving the state’s desired rate of new infections. So, unless you hear otherwise from our Governor, you can expect us to re-open on Monday, June 1st.

It is hard to convey just how eager we are to re-connect with all of you and your wonderful pooches!
Having said that, this pandemic has posed enormous challenges for all small businesses and we continue to dance on razor blades. The good news is that we did receive a PPP loan from SBA, but it is loaded with requirements that do not suit most Washington State businesses, such that only a very small percentage of the amount will be forgivable. So, we are asking for your support … not with hand-outs or a GoFundMe page, but please understand that we remain in a precarious situation with no real grasp of how long it will take for us to re-build what had been a wildly successful enterprise.

Re-opening considerations
First, we must focus on safety. Thus, key changes we're putting in place are much more extensive Social Distancing and Facial Coverings will be mandatory to enter our building.

Additionally, only one person will be allowed in our lobby spaces at a time. We will be asking other clients to wait by their cars and take turns coming into the building.
Changes for Drop Off and Pick Up
Touchless interaction means that during drop off and pick up, you will remove your dog’s leash while you are inside our front door, with that door securely closed. We’ll use our own slip leads to move your dogs toward the play zones, with a brief waterless shampoo wipe-down on the way.

At pick up, the reverse will occur, a quick wipe-down, slip lead to our front area where you will leash up your dog. Again, the front door must be securely closed. And, the next person is not invited into the building until you have fully exited. This will ensure NOT ONE DOG ever is loose in our parking lots.
Credit Cards MUST Be On File
Financial transactions will also be touchless. We ask you to make sure your credit card is on file in Gingr. Note that simply having used a credit card transaction with us in the past does not put a card on file. You can enter your credit card data into your Gingr profile at any time, or we can put a card on file if you provide your data over the phone. Also, please make sure your credit card data that we have on file is the correct account, and current (not expired).
Reservations are required
Based on responses from our previous update, we expect to open at roughly 25% - 30% of normal attendance. No business can survive running at 25% of normal volume for any length of time, however, our one hope is if we are able to maintain very tight control on our payroll expenditures. To do that, we will schedule our staff based upon expected attendance. That is why reservations are so important.

You can make reservations on Gingr. Or you can make reservations by telephone. Or you can email us. We have created location specific email addresses:
    Bellevue customers use
    Kirkland customers use

Note that all standing reservations that existed in Gingr before our closure will be wiped out before we re-open. Most of us are dealing with changing needs and work situations; we each of you to make your own fresh commitments regarding attendance. For those of you who told us how often we might see you once we re-open, please hit those emails with your intended usage, too, with specific days of the week, as most simply said “twice a week” or something similar, which we can’t turn into actionable reservations in Gingr without the actual details.
Existing packages
We have had a number of queries related to expiration dates. Know that we will be adding the exact number of calendar days we have been closed to each package that was in force at the time of our closing. This is a manual process, so it will take some time for our staff to catch things up, but we’re hopeful to have the task completed prior to June 1st. Also, 2019 promotional pricing purchases are already set to expire at December 31, 2020. Expired packages from prior to the statewide closure of March 23rd will not be extended.
Thoughts on Safety
You will all be seeing changes in our front areas as we have been adding extra layers of protection for our staff members and all of you. We ask you to do your part, too. Remember, facial coverings for anyone entering our building, and touchless drop off, pick up and transactions. It is no longer considered rude to allow a door to close between clients. Feel free to say, “No Thanks” to those offers, it safer for everyone.
Final Thoughts
Consideration must always be given to folks who are immuno-compromised or have other co-morbidities. So, let’s all bring our very best selves back out into our community and share in the work that we all must do to keep one another safe. Let’s take pride in doing this the right way … the safe way.

Our aim is to re-open as safely as possible and make sure we do not contribute any new cases of this nasty virus to our community!
We've missed you, and we're really looking forward to seeing you and your pooches again in June. And, we know the dogs are eager to …  Play all day – go home happy!

Stina & Linda,
Scampers Daycamp for Dogs

PS – A few of you have been keeping your pooches’ shots up to date and forwarding the vet information to us. Yay! Everyone else, please be sure that shots are up to date before June 1st, if you are going to re-join us when we fling our doors back open again! And, remember the flea/tick protection. Thanks!
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