RE-THINK with Chris Estrella

Jesus chose young people to be his apostles and disciples. Today how do we get young people to Jesus?

In this interview  by Fr. Mike, Chris Estrella tells of his journey as a young person and the influence of his mother on his faith.  Peer pressure was a big obstacle which sometimes made him hide his faith from others.

Music was always a part of his life and today he works in a diocesan Office of Worship and so on a daily basis is directly involved with faith.

Chris speaks of his work with young people today and what they are looking for. He speaks to them directly and honestly and also speaks to them through his music. One song – Come As You Are – helps the young to feel accepted.

They talk about what the young are looking for in the church. Pope Francis enters the conversation. Chris says that the Pope has upped the “coolness” factor of the Church.

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Imagine a woman who poses as a prostitute and sleeps with her father-in-law. Would you expect that story to be in the Bible? Probably not, but the story of Tamar is in the Book of Genesis. She is often unknown and her story may shock you.

Fr. Mike, as he has done in this series on God’s Women, sets forth the history of Tamar, giving the background and highlighting the marriage laws that pertain to her.

In one sense, Tamar is a kind of “BlackWidow” since two of her husbands die after marrying her, and she is left without the children she so wanted. What happens is another one of those dramatic tales that would make a good TV series.

Then Fr. Mike talks about how this story relates to us today. He poses questions to help us delve deeper into the Bible story to see if we are plagued by the past,  how we can forgive, and what steps we can take to stand up for injustice.