Dear --FNAME-- ,

I am writing to thank you for your commitment to protecting our natural areas, our health, and our friends and neighbors from the threat and abuses of the fossil fuel industry and its unnecessary infrastructure projects.

As you well know, we need to not only fight individual projects, but also challenge the system that allows these projects to be proposed and approved. Without making clean energy the goal, and changing lax regulations and industry-friendly regulatory agency leaders, we’ll face one new project after another. Though we’ve seen several victories in the northeast during these last few years, there is still little to stop companies from proposing new projects or appealing declined permits until they get their way.

If you have recently donated to No Fracked Gas in Mass - THANK YOU!

If you haven't yet donated, please take a moment to donate online or by check (payable to BEAT with “NFGiM” noted on the check) mailed to 29 Highland Ave, Pittsfield, MA 01201-2413.


Now, more than ever, our mission includes focusing on helping everyday people understand how to put on the pressure to change the underlying regulatory and legislative landscape that shapes our energy policies today. Without doing this, any victories in defeating pipelines will be isolated and temporary.

Yes, this is a long road. Without your financial assistance and the thousands of hours of volunteer time invested in showing up for events, rallies, and hearings, making the effort to write to our representatives at all levels of government and inside regulatory agencies, and continuing to pound the drum via your tireless communications across email, social media, on the telephone, and in person – well, we would never have been able to achieve what we have achieved together in the past four years! And we have achieved great things.

So we write with deep gratitude, and also a plea: please be generous by sending a donation of whatever size you can manage to our year - end appeal either online or via the enclosed envelope. We appreciate it so much!

We operate on a shoestring, for sure. We do need to hire another part-time intern to help us continue updating the website in the most timely and thorough way possible to keep you on top of ever shifting events and calls to action. The sheer volume of documents, emails, and updates to review and incorporate onto our site has certainly not diminished as new and existing fossil fuel projects put us all to the test.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our program. It enables us to keep our watchdogging eyes sharp and our ears to the ground!

All the best wishes for the holidays and for the New Year,

Rosemary Wessel

No Fracked Gas in Mass Program Director

Jane Winn

BEAT Executive Director

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