November 2017
MarHeshvan 5778


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From the Rabbi

The Days of Awe are over and judging by all your remarks, everything from start to finish was moving and meaningful.  This is not to say that everyone liked every prayer.  There were prayers that were challenging (some might say too challenging), the translations were overly poetic - or not poetic enough.  I have listened all the feedback.  And, to be honest, everyone is right!  

This was a brand new prayerbook and, as you know, there is no such thing as a perfect worship experience since everyone has a different experience at every service and no worship experience will completely capture everyone's spiritual need.  

Still, for most people, the Days of Awe were awesome and it was because of the work of the Religious Practices Committee, the Cantor, the readers, the presenters, the office staff and the maintenance staff.  So many thanks to all.

And now that the Days of Awe are over and the Festival of Sukkot is over and the Sukkot are down, it is time to focus on the new year.  This year will be a year of celebration and learning, joy and sharing, support and love at Beth Miriam.  Are you going to take advantage of all the temple has to offer?  Are you thinking of membership to the temple where, as a first time member, there is a new less-expensive dues category?  Are you thinking of expanding your Jewish knowledge and taking a class?  Do you have a deeper desire to connect to God and to the Jewish people through prayer?  Whatever you are looking to enrich, Beth Miriam can and should be a part of it.

If you were a guest during the Days of Awe, you saw who we are and what we are made of and what we do.  Now is the time to become a part of the Beth Miriam family and not just a visitor.  Now is the time to immerse yourself in the community and build it and be built up by it.  We are dedicated to making this space a holy space.  Help us do exactly that with your holy presence.    
From the Cantor
Cantor Marnie Camhi

L’Shanah Tovah! What a wonderful beginning to 5778! Our High Holy Day services were fantastic and our festival celebrations for Sukkot and Simchat Torah were special and so much fun!

I would like to take a moment to thank some of the people who added so much to the musical components our worship experiences: Andrew Dressner, Chase Kaplan, Ellie Swartz, and Elliot Topper. They all chanted, sang and read so beautifully! And a big thank you to our musicians for making our Yizkor service even more meaningful: Tom Gavin, Jason Harkavy, Andy McDonough, Steve Peckman, Art Topilow, Carl Topilow and Kara Zappacosta.

Here is a little sneak-peak of what is coming up at TBM this fall:

Youth Choir rehearsals (for religious school students in grades 2-12): on Sundays, December 3 and 10 immediately following religious school. Performance at the Chanukah Shabbat Service on Friday, December 15.

Purim Spiel Auditions: Sunday, December 17 after religious school. The sign-up sheet will be posted on the music room door starting December 3. We will be performing my brand new spiel called “The New Queen on the Block,” based on 1980’s-‘90s pop music. Students in grades 3-12 and adults (members in good standing) are welcome to audition for a singing/speaking role. Students in grade 2 can be in the chorus (no audition).


Cantor Marnie
From the Principal
Stella Stanway

Although this is still the beginning of our year, I’d like to focus this article on the end of the year.  At the end of every year for many years, our faculty from grades 3 on up to 7 make hard decisions on whom to award the Milt Ziment Award for Scholastic achievement.  We make sure it’s understood that it was intended for that one or two students who somehow distinguished themselves- not necessarily the best or smartest student in the class.

This year we are changing this.  Now it will be up to the students to decide if they would like to be recognized.  I am happy to announce that the award has been renamed and altered.   The new award is to be called the Milt Ziment Award for Hebrew Reading Proficiency.  Students who would like to be considered must apply for it in the spring, by recording reading a specific piece of unforeseen text (yes, with vowels) appropriate for their grade.  The recordings will be heard by a neutral party who not their teachers.  The students will each be judged on their accuracy and fluency, and the best ones will receive the $25 award.  There will be at least one award per grade starting in grade 3.  Everyone who goes out for this award will be recognized at the Awards Shabbat Service, the last Friday night before the end of the school year.

We hope that this will motivate all our students to really work hard at mastering their Hebrew Reading abilities.



            The Nominating Committee appointed by the President consists of Board Members Brian Gillet, Judy Berg and non-Board members Stella Stanway, Joanne Edison, and the undersigned as Nominating Committee Chairman.


The Nominating Committee met and thoroughly discussed all potential nominees by reviewing the entire Temple Membership list.  The Nominating Committee hereby nominates the following members to the Board of Trustees with a term to expire at the end of 2020:

  1. Marian Gross
  2. Pat Shapiro
  3. Harry Silverman
  4. I. Mark Cohen
  5. Roy Dressner
  6. Peter Grayson
  7. Sandra Maseda
  8. Lori Goldstein

The Nominating Committee also recommends the following Officers to be elected by the Board of Trustees after the annual meeting:

  1. Harry Silverman – President
  2. I. Mark Cohen – Vice President
  3. Brian Gillet – Vice President
  4. Barry Edison – Vice Presiden
    5. Robert Kellert – Treasurer
    7. Wendy Sloter – Corresponding Secretary

Thanks to Cantor Marnie Camhi for providing TBM with the funds for a new rolling magnetic whiteboard for Shabbat announcements
Todah Rabbah!
Teen Academy in support of a tragedy
            The members of Temple Beth Miriam’s Teen Academy came together after the recent death by suicide of Peter “Pierce” Jarck, Jr., a junior and varsity lacrosse player at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School.  “This was a reality check – a suicide happening right here in our community,” says Maya R. In a heart-felt discussion, the students debated ways to support a troubled friend who may not want to seek help. “I, and a lot of kids my age, have massive pride, and to say ‘I have anxiety’ hurts your pride,” says Josie H.

The students held a bake sale on October 29, and donated the proceeds to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  Teen Academy member Ian O. says that addressing teen suicide with the meeting and bake-sale project has made him more confident to reach out to others: “If I see that somebody is really down on himself, then I would go and talk to that person.” Josie emphasizes that texting can be easier than open conversation. “I have a separate group chat where my friends and I feel we can talk without being judged,” she says. “It’s a safe space.”

After Pierce Jarck’s death on Sunday, October 16, when students came to school on Monday, “I knew people would be crying,” says Teen Academy member Jacob G., “but I wasn’t expecting that the whole school would get into such a state of mourning that the hallways would be silent.”  He says he will never forget this spontaneous gesture of respect for Pierce. “It was like an unwritten code – you didn’t want to break the silence.”

To make a donation to help suicide-prevention efforts, go to, or send a check, payable to MHA-NYC, to the Mental Health Association of New York City, 50 Broadway, 19th floor, New York, NY 10004.
The jewelry boutique has made over $800 last year, thanks to everyone participating in our “NEW IDEA”. So, of course, we are doing it again! Would each family kindly donate a piece of inexpensive costume jewelry - used or new - for our sale on November 5.

Donations of jewelry are minimal and this would help us fill the jewelry table in our Boutique.
    Drop Off is now until Nov 2 
Please help us set up while your child is in class  and/or SUNDAY NOV. 5

Vivian 732-221-7574
Cindy 732-996-2298
Joni 732-614-9500
         Jewish War Veterans  

Temple Beth Miriam invites you to join with members of Jersey Shore Post 125, Jewish War Veterans of the USA to honor all military veterans at our Shabbat Veteran’s Day Service!

         Friday, November 10 at 7:30 pm.
                An Oneg to follow
             Sponsored by Post 125

Post 125 traces its origins to 1935 and has served veterans, their families, and the Monmouth community ever since.

Become a Hanukkah dinner maven! On Sunday, December 10, 2017 at 3PM, Jerry Kass will give a hands-on cooking class in the Temple kitchen. The menu will include brisket cooked in the traditional French technique, crispy potato latkes and other sides.  Class is limited to 10 paid people ($15/person) so that all can participate and enjoy the results. Please RSVP to the Temple office with a check or credit card. This event is organized by the Nurturing our Community through Food group and the Programming Committee.
The Days of Awe are now over so that can only mean one thing....planning for next year.  Already the Cantor and I are working on the outlines for next year's Days of Awe and filling in some of the holes that need filling in.  One of those holes is the number of shofar sounders (ba'alei tekiah) we have.  I want to involve as many people as possible in the shofar soundings throughout the Days of Awe.  Therefore, I am offering to train anyone who wishes.  Please let me know (at if you are interested and I will inform you when we are getting together for the training.  You need to have a shofar of your liking (ram, ibex, big, small, etc.) and you can get one online, if you wish, or go to NYC to one of the many Judaica shops and search out one that you like soundwise and visually.  

Rabbi Cy Stanway

Men's Club Softball Remains Undefeated!

Once again, Beth Miriam showed its softball prowess by beating Monmouth Reform Temple by a very slim margin, thanks to the bottom of the seventh comeback of three runs.  Watch this space for more opportunities to play but, in the meantime, the team will be resting for the winter until next season!

Welcome Tyler Barbato

Beth Miriam welcomes Tyler Barbato who will be our new office assistant helping out Frankie Langer, our administrator.  Tyler comes to us with lots of community experience and organizational abilities and she will be an important and valuable part of the Beth Miriam family.  She started working October 11 and is here to respond to your temple needs.  Welcome, Tyler!
                           Art Exhibit Update

The Days of Awe Art Exhibit was a huge success.  A big thank you to the many artists who contributed, to Renee Friedman, David Nussbaum and Annie Raulerson who turned this visionary idea into a reality, to all the people who attended the opening, to the people who came through the temple to look at the art, to the hangers from the temple who donated a Sunday morning, to the members of the congregation and to all the sponsors of food, wine, talent and services to make this work.  It was a wonderful success.  

B'ruchim HaBaim!
Arthur & Jill Rothschild!
          Yarhzeits for November
 We remember all these people with love and respect...        
November 3
Charlie Aronow
Clara Bergman 
Terry Berke
Pauline Bloch
Alan Broder
Maurice Camp
Charlie Cinnamon
Victor Eisner
Robert Elsas
Floyd Feldman
Marsha Fleck 
Max Freeman 
Bernard Gertenberg
Benjamin Heiman
Rose Herbery
Jenny R. Hershoff
Ann Hodes
Louis Holzman
Laura Isserman
Max Kasoff
Lee Kuker
Leah Lachs
Ilse Leiner
Beverly Levine 
Benjamin Lubin
Della Moser
Leslie Maslow
Lillian Negel
Naomi Piekarsky
Morris Schaefler
Allen Schnur
Desiderio Schwab
Louis Segal
Ellender Silcott
Miriam Singer
Samuel Slotkin
Elizabeth Teich
Blanche Tucker
Vickie Zieve
November 10
Stuart Abrams
Rose Alfond
Michael Babitsky
Samuel Baron
Ronald Barrett
Florence Bauman
Bernice Beacker
Leonard Block
Irv Jim Dworkin
Philip Falcone Sr. 
Kathy Fallenius
Max Finegold
Nathan Fishman
Shirley Goodman
Samuel Gordon 
Martha Halpern
Edward Heimlich
Beth Janowitch
Theodore Kellert
Joseph Kohn
Lillian Lasher
Rose Lubarsky
Alan Newman
Rebecca Riegel
Minnie Rose
Noeman Rosenstein
Philip Schlissermen
Florence Simmons
Herbert Sorkin
Lyle Howard Stanway
Geza Vancsa
Sophia Zohn

November 17
Carrie Agisim
Leotina Brucker
Ida Cantor 
Hattie Cohen
Ella Cohen 
Sidney Cohen 
Margaret Edelson
Jacques Eisner
Berth Eisner
Jeanette Federman
Mona Feld
Morris Gabel 
Rose Gillet
Louis Gothelf
Arthur Harmon
Lillian Holstein
Clarence Housman
Bernard Kaminsky
Mitzi Krim
Fannie Lefkowitz
Eugene Lemansky
Johnn Lubin
Murray Merling
Michael Panetz
Lee Revits
Benjamin Salzer
Meyer Schwartz
Rita Silverman
Abraham Stamelman
Ruth Van-Wiemokly
Barbara Varasteh
David Vogel
Florence Warner
Harry Ziment 
November 24
Barouk Behar
Johm Bennet
Midge Berkowitz
Yetta Bersek
Sylvia Bey
Sophie Budner
Blanche Cohen
Gustava Cooper
Diane Feinberg
Bernard Green 
Max Hader
Richard Hamburger
Bertha Hersh
Joseph Kashtan
Edythe Koehler
Janice Levin
Lee Lewis
Bernice Marshall
Roselyn Maurer
Ann Merling
Joseph Milberg
Betty Morris
Charles Nadler
Isidore Nagel 
Max Rosenfeild 
Jacob Rosenheim 
Morris Seidman
Kate Silverman
Esther Teich 

December 1 
Albert Ballin 
Marcia Barrett Baker
Mary Beam
Davis Bosniak 
Beatrice Deutsch
Edward Dobrin
Mitzi Fox
Gloria Fried
Harry Gorsky
Miriam Graff
Sylvia Gray 
David Greenstone
Claire Haber
Bernard Halbstein
Carrie Hamburger
Stuart Haupt
Louis Hersh
Pinkus Jaffe
Helen Klein
Esther Lefkowitz
William Marlin
Albert Newfield
Edward Novick
Albert Parker
Leo Pearl
Nan Sachs
Meyer Satsky
Bernice Seldin
Gilda Stanway
Jerry Tamkin
Ira Tiplitz
Ruth Tucker
Irving Weston
Samuel Wetzler
Susan Zaback
Israel Zimring 
Beth Miriam is Grateful for the Following Contributions...
Family Affair
In memory of Octavio Lopez
-Nydia Panis

In memory of  Robert Weston and Thomas Gavin Sr.
-Michael and Marian Gross

Rabbi Discretionary Fund
In Honor of Steven DelCuore's Hebrew Naming Thank you Rabbi Cy

In memory of Nettie Rothenberg and Dean Wise
-Ronald Ledwitz
Building Fund
In memory of Evelyn Berger
-Richard Berger

Wish list
In memory of Robert Weston and Thomas Gavin Sr.
-The Kellert Family

In memory of Kathy's mom
-Mark and Kathy Cohen
Temple Beth Miriam Funds List 
Tree of Life - $180
The Yahrzeit Memorials -$500
Prayer Book Fund (inscribed $36)
Social & Community Action Fund
Family Affair
Heimlich –Aaron Library Fund
The Endowment Fund
Centennial Fund
Tzedakeh Fund
Rabbi Joseph Goldman Fund for Jewish Learning
Religious School Renovation
Heimlich Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Hirsch Scholarship
Rabbi Discretionary Fund*
(Separate check payable Rabbi Discretionary Fund)
 Cantor Discretionary Fund*
(Separate check payable Cantor Discretionary Fund)
Roz Nagel Fund for Religious School Special Projects
The Carolyn Meyer Memorial Lecture Fund
Neimark Shabbaton Institute
Berg-Bialek Youth Leadership Retreat Fund
Conn Music Fund
The Norty Kern Youth Scholarship Fund
Arthur & Hazel Harmon Fund
The Milton Ziment Fund for Scholastic Achievement
Sonya Grossman Art & Beautification Fund
Temple Beth Miriam Wish List Fund
The Katz Family Fund
Temple Beth Miriam Camp Fund
Library Shelves  - $1,000
Evelyn Blank Choral Fund
Pess Family Youth Group Fund
Teacher's Endowment Fund
Happy Birthday
Hal Goldstein
Gale Grossman
Timothy Knotts
Beth Weston-Knotts
Sylvia Ehrenhalt
Martin Epstein
Ruth Fishman
Roberta Newman
Lois Pess
Stella Stanway
 Corynn Warner
Deborah Gerbman
Donald Pingitore
Michael Pingitore
Lynette Zohn
David Zohn
Daniel Prestup

SaraAnn Stanway
Steven Friedman
Devin Goldman
Erwin Tepper
Dorthy Tanzman
Kylie Sturm
Stephen Silver
Sandra Cohen
Stacy Howard
Eliza Howard
Josephine Howard
Cami Fabricant
Elena Fisher
Todd Edison
Joel Kreizman
Steven DelCuore
Janice Scherer
Alexander Tangorra
Briana Jacobson
Matthew Hodes
RoseAmy Mouta
Isabella Mouta
Johnathan Torine
Scott Galkin
Benjamin Jacobson

Samantha Jacobson
Stephen Foster
Chloe Foster
Alan Salowe
Zachary Reisler
Eric Bosniak
Rene Reiss
Jennifer Segal
Zachary Weiner
Ethan Wellner
Fred Eckhaus
Susan Cooper
Leonardo Coelho

Happy Anniversary
Richard & Norma Daniels
Harold & Susan Hodes
Andy Laura Krantz
Matt & Rita Tangorra
Jeff & Jennifer Segal
Norm & Gladys Glassman
Ron & Sharon Kamm
AnchorNeed to get in touch with your board representative?
President Harry Silverman
Rabbi Cy Stanway
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Religious School Principal Stella J. Stanway
Administrator Frankie Langer
Youth Group Leader Stella Stanway
Building Superintendent Rosy Franceschy 732-762-4335
Fund Allocation Bob Kellert
House Committee Keith Kaplan
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Membership Steve Silver
Rel. Sch. Bd. Wendy Sloter
Sisterhood - Point Persons Debbie Gerbman
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