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November 8, 2017

Open Every Day 8 am-6pm
Nantucket Fresh Catch Hours 10-6 Wednesday through Sunday

Ladies Night is an event that brings people together to support our community.
To all who attended and donated in Liz’s memory,
we thank you.
Brett Apthorp, Sally Ann Austin, Meghan Bernazzani, Debbie Betchtold,
Casey Boucus, Janice Brown-Clarke, Jenna Bullock, Joanne Burnham, Diane Carl, Taylor Cullen, Tracy Daily, Katy Deheart, Cara Deheart, Dr. Michelle, Melissa Dudley, Sheila Obrien Egan, Sarah Ellis, Jennifer Fox, Sandy Klatt, Ciara Fritsch,
Kris Kinsley Hancock, Charlotte Hess, Lisa Hood, Pat Jones, Tina Law, Kim Lipka, Miki Lovett, Priscilla Macintosh, Maria Mitchell Association, Cara Marquis,
Allyson McConnell, Kasia Mikolajeewska, Sarah Morneau, Beth Moyer,
Sally Obremski, Chris O'Day, On Glaze, Cate Raphael, Ana Romero, Carol Rose, Wendy Rouillard, Monika Rudnicka, Emma Saunderson, Sign Here Nantucket,
Paul Surprenant, Rose Tallman, Leigh Topham, Deb Van Der Wolk, Barbara Vanderbilt, Sarah Wright, Minela Yonov, Brant Point Grill, Toppers at Wauwinet, Melissa David Salon, Core, Sushi by Yoshi, Mitchell's Book Corner,
Laurie Richards Photography, Heidi Weddendorf, Erica Wilson,
Flowers on Chestnut, Murrays Toggery, Peach Trees, Lions Paw, Vis-a-vis,
Life Massage, RJ Miller, Straight Wharf Restaurant, Sunken Ship, Cisco Brewers, Sally Obremski, Nantucket Bath & Body, Champoux Landscaping, Kristina Wixted, Julie Wood, Jova Santos, Tom Hanlon, Min Day, Lindsay Mohr, Jenne Atherton, Beauty Bar, Nannytucket, Andersons, Hill's of Nantucket, Small Friends,
Nantucket Culinary Center, Rachel Elizabeth Photography, Garden Group,
David Ryan Landscaping, Jacob Williams, Greyson Keller, Bobby Lamb,
Hockey Rink, Dreamland Theatre, Nantucket Hotel,
Nantucket Historical Association, Thomas Fallon Photography,
Nantucket Fresh Catch, ES Sports, Yesterday’s Island

...and anyone else we may have missed!
Food Demo with Devon!
Saturday November 11 at 11 and noon.
Devon will be demonstrating how to make sweet pies using our
farm-grown squashes and sweet potatoes! 
Demos are at 11 and noon in the market! 
What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving Dinner?
Cooking? Fabulous! We have tons of fresh produce and everything you need to prepare your holiday meal! 

If you don't love cooking Thanksgiving Dinner, we have a solution!
Choose from these delicious side dishes and we will have them all prepared and ready to take home and heat. 
Just pick them up on Tuesday or Wednesday!

Choose from Buttery Mashed Potatoes
Cauliflower Gratin
Creamed Onions
Green Beans
Roasted Delicata Squash
Sausage Stuffing
Spiced Sweet Potato Wedges
Butternut Squash Soup
Cranberry Sauce
Cranberry Relish
Gourmand Gravy
Turkey Stock
Order in Person at the Farm or 
Deadline for ordering is November 17!

Potted evergreens, Winterberry and Gaultheria are in the shade garden, and are perfectly acclimated and ready to plant outside in the ground or in your holiday containers! 
Wreaths, greens and other holiday decorations are on their way!
Putting your Garden to Bed? You can save those dahlia tubers! 
And once you get the old stuff cleared out, you will find some space to plant daffodils! Planting them in the ground NOW will bring you beautiful blooms in the spring!  We have lots of varieties and mixes and plenty of specimens that you could enter in the Nantucket Garden Club Daffodil Show in the spring!  We've been working in the garden, putting it to bed, these last several days (before the rain) and finding new spots to plant these bright, sunshiny flowers! 
Not sure how to go about planting bulbs? 
Starting Thursday, November 9
For Friends of the Farm only! 

SALE 10% Off Storewide 11/9-11/15

((Excludes wine and hard ciders and online orders))

These Nantucket-Themed, scallop shell wreaths are gifts that will be treasured by everyone who receives them! Hand-decorated with pine cones, scallop shells, juniper berries, and a bow, these 12" or 16" wreaths
remind you of Nantucket!
Don't forget one for yourself, too! 
It's time again for the
Nantucket Chamber of Commerce Red Ticket Event!
For every $25 you spend at a participating merchant,
you receive a red ticket. Collect them and keep track of the numbers, then on Christmas Eve, head to Main Street where you could win 
$1000 or $5000 if you have the winning number! 
If you won't be on Nantucket on Christmas Eve, you may put your tickets in our donation bucket.  We will be donating tickets to the Liz de Souza Memorial Fund this year. 
The cooler weather has us thinking about spending a little more time inside and that makes us think of making our indoor spaces a little cozier!  What better way to do that than to add some houseplants!  And to make it even better, they are 50% off now!  
Annuals, succulents, pottery, statuary and fairy garden products are all at least 50% off too! 
Are you an HGTV watcher? Well, even if you aren't, you ought to tune in to see some footage that was filmed at the farm last summer.  Click here to find viewing times!  
Upcoming Events

​​​​​​​11/18-11/19 Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum highly-anticipated yard sale in the garden center!
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