Feb. 3, 2021

Yes, the winter weather and the pandemic still have many of us sequestered at home, but there are still actions you can take to help make progress on climate and energy issues here in Massachusetts! Let your fingers do the walking today!

Peaker plants are electric generation plants that serve the grid during times when the grid experiences its highest – or peak – demand.
We believe that clean air is a right!

For the health and well being of our communities and the climate, we are demanding that the three peaking power plants located in Berkshire County, MA be shut down.

» Sign the Petition to Shut these Plants Down

These are not your average power plants:
- Only run for a few hours, very few days a year
- Are paid millions to sit idly by “on call” for the whole year
- Drive up the wholesale cost of electricity
- Burn dirtier fuels than other power plants
- Contribute to asthma, lung and cardiovascular disease
- Increase deaths from COVID up to 8% in nearby neighborhoods

There are 3 Peaker Plants in Berkshire County:

- Pittsfield Generating:
On Merrill Road, Pittsfield. 30 years old, runs on gas and oil, accounts for 15% of all stationary emissions in Pittsfield, across the street from Allendale Elementary, close to Morningside Community School
- Doreen: Off Doreen Street, Pittsfield. 51 years old, runs on kerosene, high NOx emissions, near Williams and Egremont Elementary schools.
- Woodland: On Woodland Road, Lee. 61 years old, runs on kerosene, high NOx emissions, near Lee schools and senior housing.

• Sign on to urge Pittsfield Generating to go renewable:

» Please sign on to this letter by Friday, and ask any of your friends, neighbors and community organization's members to do the same! This letter is to Ms. Chino, head of the US division on Itochu, the Japanese company that owns Pittsfield Generating. She's a Smith alumna who is set to receive an award there very soon.

We appeal to Ms. Chino and Itochu to do the right thing and convert Pittsfield Generating over to renewable energy and storage, and ask for a meeting with them to discuss our issues.

Help fight for cleaner air for Pittsfield!
Sign the letter here

• Join the Peaker Coalition:
This campaign of ours is growing! We now have nine organizations who have joined our Peaker Coalition to shut down the Peaker power plants in Berkshire County. You can join as well, whether affiliated with a group or not.

» Join the Peaker Coalition

» Learn more at nofrackedgasinmass.com

Next Generation Climate Bill lives on!
Yes, Governor Baker vetoed the most substantial climate bill ever, but the Legislature has resubmitted the bill (currently named S.9) and it’s once again on Baker’s desk. If he vetoes again, there is the chance of an override from the Legislature, but let’s do our best to get him to see the light!

Below are a couple of actions you can take to help the
Next Generation Climate Bill become law.

• Petition from Mass. State Senator Adam Hinds’ office:
Tell Governor Baker to Sign the Climate Bill Today!
The Massachusetts legislature passed a critical climate change bill that Governor Baker vetoed. We cannot delay progress to fight climate change.
» Sign here today to join the effort.

For municipal officials, only!!
• Sign on letter for municipal officials

Supporting the Net Zero Stretch Code

The organizers of this effort are looking to sign on local leaders from as many Massachusetts towns and cities as possible.

- Check the letter’s signatures to see if your town or city is already listed

- If not, talk to your mayor, selectboard members, planning commission, energy committee (any official who would have a say in improving energy efficiency standards in your town) and urge them to sign. Send them these links below!

» Here is a link to the letter
» Online form to sign
Have questions? Email Lisa Cunningham.

Homeowners, Renters, Landlords - This Program's for YOU!
MASS SAVE Extends 100% Off Qualifying Insulation for Moderate Income Customers

Fill out the Online Home Energy Assessment at MassSave.com/OHEA

Or if you're a Small Business owner, call
Whether you rent or own your business location, you'll want to save money!

If you find it's taking a while to hear back from the Mass Save program,you can also check
our EE-Pittsfield site to find the names of some
of the Home Performance Contractors who can help get you started.

As always, we're happy to help!

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