Spring Streetscape Ideas
Kendo Trash Can
Urban GFRC  Seat Wall
TF-6084 Illuminated Bollard
Flight Deck Bike Rack
The spring is always an opportunity to create new beginnings. This spring we begin with plenty of exciting new products with additional new product introductions in the pipeline. Here’s a preview -

We now offer concrete flower bowls, planters and flower boxes in addition to fiberglass, gfrc - glass fiber reinforced concrete, thermoplastic and self-watering flowerpots and self watering planter retrofit kits. Wall hung and trelliage planters round out the flower pot and planter products.  Beat the spring planter rush, review all new planter option now!  Keep your plants alive throughout the summer with self-watering irrigation systems.

Bike Racks.
The Type Rider, the Alley Rack and Cycle Dock.  The Type Rider bike parking racks are steel plate characters consisting of alphabets, number and symbols that can be used to create messages. They’re fun, playful and full of color to brighten any streetscape.  The Cycle Dock bike rack adds extra spacing between bikes to keep the handle bars from becoming tangled. Wheel stops add greater parking stability.  The wall mounted Alley Rack accommodates tight bike parking spaces. The Alley Rack arm rotates to take advantage of the best bike parking angle.

Bike Parking Shelters.
Bike friendly communities and local transit agencies have begun to include bike parking shelters into their multi-modal transportation planning plans.

 If bike shelters are in your future, begin your research with us.  We offer a wide variety of bike shelters - both open and enclosed with the option of vertical, two level and standard bike racks. Complete the bike parking package with bike repair tools.

We introduce two new chairs - the South SL and the Happy chair. The South SL is a powder coated aluminum family of chairs that includes a chair and bar stool, counter stool and low table/ottoman. They will bring comfort, portability and new dynamics to public seating.  

The Happy Chair is of course happy and brings exciting color combinations to public gathering places.  The Happy Chairs standard colors are Anthracite, Coral Pink, Lime Green; Tan, Turquoise and White.  Order 100 chairs or more and your colors options and color combinations are unlimited.

French Bistro Folding Chairs and Tables.
The bistro tables and chairs are popular pieces of street furniture for the spring and summer. They're colorful, portable and inexpensive. And they're stocked in the U.S. in limited colors and quantities. The complete range of colors are available from France via special order.
Special orders can take as long as 10-12 weeks. Contact us now if colorful folding chairs are in your future.

More next month on additional new products.