Coronavirus Update from Scampers
posted March 27, 2020

Hello, Scampers family.

Life has certainly changed for all of us, very suddenly, this week. We hope you and all you love are healthy and comfortable, and are finding your groove, whether your efforts are in working from home, home-schooling the kids, or using this time to pursue health and self-care. Stina and I are working from home and finding lots to do in pursuing the various resources that are in place to support small businesses and our staffers. It's keeping us very busy, and very close to our Inbox.

We have received several inquiries this week from Scampers families wishing to take advantage of our recent offer to sell packages at 2019 prices with extended expiry dates.

We've been working out how we can address your requests. We've been a little challenged, as we have no storefront where we can process those transactions until we're past this "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" campaign, and our kennel management software does not have the option for online shopping because of the way we set up our package assortment.

We realized that we are able to process package purchases on your behalf when requested by email, though. For many of you, this is made simple because you have put your credit card on file with us.

For those of you who have not put your credit card on file, the invoice/receipt that we email out to you will contain a link for you to follow to connect to make your payment.

If you need a refresher of the packages that are available, you can see our package assortment on our website.

We'll watch our inbox to ensure that all requests are honored.

Thank you again for all of the support you've all shown us. We miss you and your pooches enormously, and look forward to seeing you all again soon. We will be re-opening up again at both locations just as soon as we're allowed, and we'll be ready to host your dogs!

Please give your furbabies a big smooch from all of us.
Stay safe and healthy. Let's Flatten The Curve!

Linda Olsen and Stina Hughes, Partners
Scampers Daycamp for Dogs


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