Certified Business Park Program Newsletter
February 2017
Business Park Owners!

We'd like to thank you for reading the first Certified Business Park newsletter of 2017. The program continues to thrive.

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Urgent Design & Manufacturing to Expand in Lapeer to Boost Capacity & Capacities

The 3-Dimensional Services Group, a leader in rapid manufacturing and low-volume production, has announced an ambitious expansion to one of its affiliated companies, Urgent Design & Manufacturing (UDM), located in Lapeer, Michigan.

The company will add 65,000 square feet to the current 100,000 square feet Lapeer facility, which will allow for greater flexibility of its fabricating and machining footprint.  The expansion and related equipment will result in an eventual investment approaching $10 million. It is also expected to boost employment at the facility by 30 plus employees. The addition will not only increase the output capacity of the facility, but combined with the anticipated investment in new equipment, grow the range of services offered.

A unique feature of the facility will be an area labeled by the company as the “Design Studio”. This space will further enhance its capabilities as a full service, quick response advanced product development source, from design assist and validation, through manufacturing support.

According to Douglas Peterson, founder and CEO of The 3-Dimensional Services Group “This expansion is pivotal to boost our company’s capabilities to fabricate a broad spectrum of components and assemblies and to provide our customers with access to the best and latest technologies.”  

Alan Peterson, President added, “Our customers’ product designs and engineering processes are changing at a rapid pace to keep up with market demands and global competition. This expansion and subsequent investment in manufacturing technologies is necessary to meet these needs both now and in the future for our growing customer base.”

Keith Chene, Chief Financial Officer weighed in that “Some might see this as a risky move in an uncertain economy, but we have been able to grow our company organically by paring risk with opportunity, and so far, it has proven to be a boon for our customers. The last two years have given us the confidence that this expansion is just one more strategic step toward future success.”

UDM began operations in 2000 as an extension and broadening of 3-Dimensional Services. It offers hydroforming and associated CNC tube bending, 3-axis and 5-axis fiber laser cutting, CNC machining, robotic and manual welding, hydroforming, water jet cutting, as well as a large stamping and forming department along with numerous CAD and engineering workstations.

The 3-Dimensional Services Group, consisting of 3-Dimensional Services, Urgent Plastic Services, Urgent Design & Manufacturing, 3-Dimensional Services-Europe and Michigan Integrated Technologies, has earned a reputation for building functional prototype parts and producing low-volume production parts 50 to 70% faster than conventional shops.

The expansion represents a collaboration between the company, the City of Lapeer and the Lapeer Development Corporation. This project will benefit the local and regional economy!

Learn more about the Lapeer Industrial and Research Park

911 Dispatch Center Built at Hillsdale Manufacturing and Technology Park

The County of Hillsdale purchased 4 acres from the City of Hillsdale in the Industrial Park on which to build a new, 5,000 square foot, Central Dispatch / 9-1-1 center. The location was chosen because of the 250 foot tall communications tower already on the property that belonged to Central Dispatch. The building is constructed using Integrated Concrete Forms giving a strong, energy efficient and durable structure which should serve for many years.

All police, fire and ambulance services for the county are dispatched from the new building which employees 15 dispatchers and two managers working in three, eight hour shifts 24-hours a day. In addition to dispatch the center features an area to be used for meetings and training which will also serve as the county Emergency Operations Center where officials will gather to coordinate the community response to disasters when necessary. Construction began in April of 2016 and was completed in October.


Powering Industrial Parks with CHP Technology

Industrial parks are prime candidates for Combined Heat & Power (CHP) technology—a proven method of simultaneously generating electricity and usable thermal energy from a single fuel source, typically natural gas. Industrial park clients can realize significant savings of 10-25% over traditional electric and gas costs using CHP technology.

A well-designed and thermally balanced CHP plant operates at up to 85% efficiency in stark contrast to the efficiency of a standard central power plant. This increased efficiency is achieved by locating the CHP plant adjacent to a large thermal energy user(s) and using heat from the CHP process to displace other heating and cooling energy sources, such as process heat, domestic hot water, and chilled water for air conditioning.

Efficient CHP plants create a major reduction in carbon dioxide and other emissions compared to status quo—traditional electric power plants paired with the use of onsite boilers and chillers.
CHP is a great fit for industrial parks because a large number of industrial operations are located on contiguous properties, providing a variety of options for optimizing electricity and thermal energy across multiple large energy users.

CHP plants are capable of running 24/7/365 for 20+ years, with less than 3% service downtime. Energy production can be reliably ramped up and down based on aggregate industrial park requirements throughout the 24-hour day. Natural gas supply and attractive pricing can be secured under 5-10 year contracts, mitigating supply risk and pricing volatility. Emergency power always remains available from the local utility, while thermal energy backup is provided by boilers and chillers already in place.

Spart (Sustainable Partners LLC, www.spart-llc.com), in partnership with the Michigan Agency for Energy, 5 Lakes Energy, the Energy Resources Center (University of Illinois at Chicago), and NextEnergy, has been tasked with developing and deploying a comprehensive plan to accelerate the adoption of CHP in Michigan. Spart is eager to help major energy users and the State of Michigan advance energy efficiency and sustainability goals by providing commercial and industrial clients with complimentary CHP opportunity assessments. 
Certified Business Park Committee Annual Report

The CBP Committee’s major goal is to make this program work for CBP operators, the communities in which they exist and for site consultants who frequent this tool. Consequently, your CBP Committee began a more uniform treatment of all CBP re-certifications in CY 2016. Committee actions in CY 2015 established a standard set of topics for use in a written report following each re-certification. Narratives are crafted from each visit addressing the following questions:

  1. What is the overall impression of the park?
  2. What has been happening in the CBP since the last recertification?
  3. How is the park being marketed?
  4. What has been happening in the community outside the CBP?
  5. Are there any non-compliance issues within the CBP?
  6. What are the future plans within/adjacent to the CBP?

MEDA lost staff member Emily Jenks when she completed her graduate degree and left to enroll in law school. Everyone wishes her great success in her career choice. That resulted in a student recruitment effort to support Cassandra and John. Jordan Miller recently joined MEDA in that position and will assist in marketing the program to business parks.

The CBP’s in the program average 137 views per year to their pages, ranging from 38 to 1,149. The CBP inspectors will continue sharing tips for CBPs to market their park using the page that MEDA created for them.

During CY 2016 two NEW CBP Inspectors [Steve Cassin (Macomb Co.) and Perrin Emmanuel (Oakland Co.)] agreed to join the pool of CBP inspectors. That was the result of a Committee effort to recruit inspectors who live/work in Southeast Michigan. That effort continues and we WELCOME Steve and Perrin to the pool.

2016 CBP Activities:

CBP Count: (68) – No change from December 2015

New CBPs: Great Lakes Tech Park, Saginaw (Saginaw Co.) and Meadowbrook and Yore Park, Benton Harbor (Berrien Co.)

CBP Cancellations: P. Don Aley, Muskegon

Re-certifications made: 17

Re-certifications pending: 0

Active Inquiries: Sault Ste. Marie Industrial Park, Sault Ste. Marie (Chippewa Co.)

2017 Re-Certifications scheduled: 24

CBP Committee:

Jennifer Arent, Berrien County Community Development Department

Dawn Baetsen, CEcD, D.E. Baetsen and Associates

Stephen Cassin, AICP, Giffels Webster

Perrin T. Emanuel, Realtor  

John Hanieski, Economics Consulting Services, L.L.C.

James Hendricks, Sault Ste. Marie Advanced Resources and Technology

Cathy Knapp, CEcD, Southwest Michigan First

Michael Marcellino, EDC Services

Tanya Markos-Vanno, Southfield Area Chamber of Commerce

William Mrdeza, City of Mt. Pleasant

Therese Thill, The Right Place, Inc.

Barry Visel, CEcD, Retired, American Electric Power

Ned Zimmerman, Development Consulting


Warren J. Cook
Chair, Certified Business Parks Committee
Founder and CEO

Cook and Associates Consulting

The terms Central Michigan and Mid-Michigan are used interchangeably to describe this region's proximity in the state. The Capitol of Michigan, Lansing is located in Ingham County in Mid-Michigan. Saginaw, Midland, Bay City and Flint are other major cities in the region.

Central Michigan's economy is primarily agricultural, which corn, sugar beets and soybeans being the most grown crops, with strong job growth in construction and hospitality. This region is very stable economically with much help from General Motors, Michigan State University, the State Government, and the Sparrow Health System.

The area is connected to other regions of the state through an intricate highway system, making commuting, traveling and hauling easy for industries and individuals.


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