June 2017   |   Volume 12   |   Issue 4

Analog PowerPoint show

I'm all about cooperation!

Hello, --FNAME--!

This fall, I will be helping to teach a Wood Badge course to adult volunteers in the Boy Scouts of America. Wood Badge is a leadership training course designed to teach the adult volunteers how to effectively guide and inspire the boys in our care. It's similar to a corporate leadership training course, only with more camping and sillier songs.

Part of my job will be to present four PowerPoint presentations. Of course, there are no conference rooms in the Great Outdoors so I will be using a presentation binder, shown in the photo above.

When I work on these presentations over the summer, I'll be keeping in mind all of the things that I've been telling you through this newsletter:

  • Practice, practice practice until my delivery is as smooth as a conversation
  • Don't stare at the speaker notes! I'll need to memorize each presentation.
  • Keep track of the time and make sure the discussion doesn't go too far off topic.
  • Be aware of body language and my vocal variety when I speak.
  • Pauses can be just as effective as words, in some cases.
  • I have an hour for each presentation, but I'm aiming for 45 minutes of active presentation time. The final 15 minutes can be spent doing Q&A or I can dismiss the class early. Nobody in the history of ever has complained about getting out of class early!

It's always nice when I can bring my professional skills to bear on my hobbies. I hope that this summer brings you similar opportunities to shine by demonstrating your experience and knowledge. And if you do find yourself presenting in the woods as I will, don't forget the bug spray.


Laura Foley, Cheater of Death by PowerPoint, Laura M. Foley Design

Scheduled LMFD closures for Summer 2017
Hiking gearDespite my profound love of PowerPoint, I do have to step out of the office a couple of times this summer. Laura M. Foley Design will be closed on the following dates:
June 30–July 4: Independence Day
July 16–22: I will be hiking as much of the Midstate Trail as I can this week. Luckily, my husband Mike will act as a sweep van if my tootsies give out! This will be my first-ever multiday hike, so if you'd like to send me your favorite backpacking recipes or advice, please do so!
August 6–12: It's back to Boy Scout camp for me as I chaperone Troop 12 during their annual week at Camp Wanocksett. I'm not gonna lie; it's a cushy gig. Last year I spent a whole day lazing around in a hammock, burning through Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Three hots and a cot, all week long!
If you have any projects that could be affected by this schedule, please let me know and I'll work with you to ensure the work gets done in a timely manner.
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