SCCLC Weekly Newsletter : October 9th - October 15th


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Upcoming Events

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 Tuesday 10/10

School Board Candidate Forum

Wednesday 10/11

GC Meeting

Friday 10/13

Chili Cook-Off

Wednesday 10/18 - Thursday 10/19

Courtney & Darlene's 3rd Grade Milestone Trip

Wednesday 10/18

Director's Dialogue: Facilities

Thursday 10/19 - Friday 10/20

Heidi & Elysha's 3rd Grade Milestone Trip

Saturday 10/21

3/4 Star Party


Highlights In This Issue


• Director's Spotlight on the CLC Family Handbook

• Chili Cook-Off is THIS FRIDAY!

• Message from the Board of Directors

• Significance of the Upcoming School Board Election

• Community Health Update: Consider a Flu Shot


 Director's Spotlight on...The Family Handbook

by Stacy Emory


The 2017 - 2018 Family Handbook is finally ready for launch. The purpose of the handbook is to help the community understand a bit more about the core values of our vision and how those elements are realized in the classroom and in the CLC community at large. The Family Handbook should also serve as a handy reference guide to help you navigate the “nuts and bolts” of our school. I encourage you to read through this and learn about the fundamentals that make CLC function and thrive. The link to the Family Handbook can always be accessed via, in the "About Us" section.


Of course, no single resource could possibly give you all the information that you need, so I encourage all (especially our new) families to actively seek out answers.  There is a wealth of knowledge and goodwill in this community, and parents/friends/staff/learners will be happy to share what they know (or at least try and point you in the direction of someone who can help). 


Chili Cook-Off

Joshua Saffren and Matt Ekstrom, Cook-Off Team

The Wild Wild West Chili Cook-Off is this Friday, October 13, at 6pm at Twin Pines Park in Belmont!


This is the ONLY major fundraiser our school has for the entire year. All the money we raise at the Chili Cook-Off goes directly to CLC for our project-based learning programs, such as class supplies, cooking, garden maintenance, and general support of the operating budget. This year, we will be providing 25% of the cost of all Milestones and overnight field trips.


We need YOUR help to make this event successful. We need you to donate. We need you to bring side dishes to serve with the chili or volunteer to do a job at the Chili Cook-Off. Earn volunteer hours! Check out our website with sign-ups:


We have currently raised $55k. We have $45k to go! If you haven't donated to Chili Cook-Off yet, there is still time! 


If you pledged by cash or check on Cheddar Up, please bring your checkbook!


Volunteer Update

Melissa May, Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Corner


Installation of Deadbolt Locks

We are looking for a volunteer comfortable with the installation of deadbolt locks. Needs to have own tools. Small job! Please contact Gwynne if you are interested.


Chickens' Ball Steering Committee Rep Needed

Please click here to read the job description. If you are interested, please contact your PRT room rep or Melissa May. 


Looking for Tuesday and Thursday Library Lunchtime Volunteers

We need 2 parent volunteers for Lunch Library Duty on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:25 to 12:50 with the kids in a calm quiet environment. This can be a job share. You will receive 1 hour volunteer credit.

If you have any past signups from other companies (SignUpGenius, Lucky Potluck, etc…) that you will be using this year at SCCLC, please send them to Melissa May in advance and she will transfer them to The more we use SignUp across the campus, the easier the transition.


Have you missed some of the past Newsletter submissions? You can review them all here.


Library Corner

EmmaLou Moore, SCCLC Librarian

Chili Cook-Off Readaloud and Bookmark-Makin' Station

Sidle on up to a bookmark-makin' station throughout the evening of the Chili Cook-Off, and keep 'yer ears open for an announcement for folks to gather for a readaloud from CLC's very own librarian, EmmaLou Montgomery Moore. Please call Emma by her full first name — EmmaLou — in your best Southern accent during the Chili Cook-Off in honor of her Mississippi namesake, Great-Great-Grandma EmmaLou.


In tremendous appreciation of Todd Parr, Dav Pilkey, and The Reading Bug...

CLC's community of readers just met two literary ROCK STARS--Todd Parr and Dav Pilkey--within a week of each other, courtesy of The Reading Bug, our wonderful local children's bookstore. Both award-winning children's author/illustrators shared their sources of inspiration, the early years of their professional careers, and much more during a school-day visit (Parr) and evening extravaganza (Pilkey).


Educare Happenings

Fiona Wainwright, Educare Director

On the evening of the Annual Chili Cook-Off, this Friday, October 13, Educare will close at 5:20 PM.


There is no school on Monday, October 23, a Professional Development Day. Educare will be open from 7:20 AM – 6:20 PM for an on-campus Special Day featuring a studio ceramics class led by Ruth of Skyline Ceramics. Enroll before noon this Wednesday, October 11, and pay the Early Bird rate of $85; otherwise, plan to spend $100, per learner, once the Early Bird deadline has passed.


Governance Council/Board of Directors

Leigh Casamento, on behalf of the Board of Directors

Please join us for the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors (aka the Governance Council) this Wednesday, October 11th at 7:30pm in the TL library.


Some highlights from the agenda:

- Stacy Emory discusses the 2017 SBAC testing results and provides an overview of the construction development.

- The Financial update presents the enacted state budget and the school's financial position.

- Want to understand the BoD's operating constraints? The Brown Act refresher focuses on the public's right to attend and participate in meetings of local legislative bodies.


The entire agenda, along with supporting documents and the minutes from previous meetings, can be found on the Governance Council page, which is listed under Community at


We hope to see you on Wednesday evening!


PTA Coordinating Council

Caroline Conway, PTACC Representative

My Kid Goes to Charter. Why Should I Care About the San Carlos School Board Election?

It’s a reasonable question: SCCLC’s administration and Board of Directors make the financial and day-to-day decisions for our school, so why does it matter to us who gets elected to the San Carlos School Board?

Three reasons:

  1. As our authorizing agency, the SC School Board makes the decision -- every five years -- to renew or not renew our charter. Having elected trustees who appreciate and value the role that SCCLC plays as one of the schools in the district is critical to maintaining our good relationship with the district.
  2. The SC School Board makes the final decisions on how money is allocated for SCCLC’s facilities (development and maintenance).  At a time when needs far outstrip resources, it is important that the school board continues to factor our facility needs into the larger equation.
  3. This school board will interview and hire the next Superintendent of the San Carlos school district.  It’s hard to overstate how instrumental this person will be for us.  Our administration works hard to maintain a good working relationship with the Superintendent, but it’s a two-way street. It will be important to have a Superintendent who also feels it is important to have a good working relationship with the charter school in his or her district.  

Want to learn more about the candidates who are running for San Carlos School Board?  Come to the Candidate Forum co-hosted by the PTA Coordinating Council, SCEF, and the League of Women Voters, and submit questions for the candidates to answer.

School Board Candidate Forum

Tuesday, October 10, 7-8:15 PM

San Carlos School District Office, 1200 Industrial Road, Unit 9B


Community Health Update

Jessica Rosenberg, SCCLC Health Officer 

It's Flu Shot Season

Although the weather has been unseasonably warm lately, we know that cold and flu season is just around the corner. Consider a flu vaccine. Most pharmacies offer online appointments and $0 copay. Your child's pediatrician can also administer the vaccine. See this link for a list of nearby clinics where vaccines are FREE.


Because we have several students who have compromised immune systems, it's important to notify Quinta or Gwynne if your child contracts the flu (or any other contagious illness). Remember, students must be fever-free without medication for a full 24 hours before they return to school.


TB Risk Assessment for School Volunteers

CLC Healthcare Team members will be on hand at the Chili Cook-off to administer TB risk assessments. If you are planning to do learner-facing volunteering this year, you must submit proof of TB clearance. We have found that approximately 75% of those who have taken the risk assessment are cleared without the need for an actual TB test. And it only takes about 30 seconds!


San Carlos Educational Foundation

Rockin’ Halloween Ball- A SCEF tradition!

In 1993, the San Carlos Education Foundation first hosted"Ghouls for Schools," a wildly popular fundraising event at the Fox Theatre Redwood City.

Today, SCEF still parties for schools at Halloween with the parent-hosted Rockin’ Halloween Ball...and it's still THE costume party of the year!
Event: October 27, 2017 at Club Fox
Tickets available at:


Be sure to check out our other parent parties too. They are a wonderful way to meet new families and make new friends!


SCEF is proud to host this year's Faculty and Friends Concert

Here is your chance to listen to top quality music right here in our town! The San Carlos School District music teachers will perform with other professional musicians at the annual Faculty and Friends Concert
On: November 3, 2017 at 7pm
St. Charles Church, 880 Tamarack Ave, San Carlos 

This is the 12th year running for this amazing concert. Don't miss your chance to hear exceptional music! Buy your tickets now at:
All proceeds benefit the music programs in our district's middle schools.


Bus Information


Hot Lunch Updates

Akash Bijlani, Hot Lunch Coordinator

Please check out ChoiceLunch! To order, please click on the button above.


Have any hot lunch questions or comments? Please feel free to email or call/text Akash Bijlani, Hot Lunch Coordinator, at or (650) 248-9166.


Campus Construction Update

For the two-week look ahead, click here.


Parent Education

Christine Levenson, Parent Ed Liaison

 Thank you to the community for responding to the Parent Ed survey. One more chance to respond now: take the survey!


Greater San Carlos Community Information



  • Thank you to Melanie Roth, the PRT, and the community for the AMAZING staff breakfast during conference week. The food was delicious and the table was beautiful. It is always a special treat to be taken such good care of. Thank you.

  • The 3/4 seminars kicked off this week. Thank you to all the seminar organizers, leads and assistants for your time and effort. Seminars are such a special part of the CLC program and they would not happen without you.

  • Thank you to the 5/6 Team for supporting the 5th grade Mosaic milestone groups, and thank you to all the parent volunteer drivers!
  • Thank you to Emma for arranging the Dav Pilkey and Todd Parr author visits!
  • Thank you to the educators for all their work preparing for and supporting conference week.

Have a great week!
-The Newsletter Team at | (650) 508-7343
750 Dartmouth Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070