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Janyth Fredrickson

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What:    Election Office Open House

to introduce the  Hart  Verify Voting Equipment

When:   Thursday, March 7: 10 am to 7 pm

Where:  Comal County Election Office

              396 N Seguin Ave, NB 78130

What:    LWV-CA Board Meeting

When:   Tuesday, March 12: 5 pm

Where:  Rio Terra Senior Living

                2294 Common St, NB 78130

All members welcome.

That:   Comal County Conservation Alliance

        “Toward a Land Ethic – A  Big  Picture View of Land Mangement” 

When:   Tuesday, March. 12: 6 - 8  pm

Where:  GVTC Auditorium

              36101 FM3159, NB

               CCCA website

What:   Volunteer Deputy Registrar Training

When:   Wednesday, March 19: 10 am

Where:  Comal County Election Office

              396 N Seguin Ave, NB 78130 

YOU MUST RSVP IN ORDER TO ATTEND THE CLASS. Please call 830-221-1352 for reservations

HWhat:   Hispanic Culture in New Braunfels

                with Estella Delgado Farias.

When:   Thursday, March 21: 7 pm

Where:  New Braunfels Public Library

               700 E Common St, NB 78130         

What:    Big Give: 24 hours of online giving

When:    Thursday, March 28

What:   LWV-CA Annual Meeting

When:  Monday, May 20: 6 pm

Where:  Unitarian Universalists of New Braunfels

              135 Alves Ln, NB 78130                

 Andrew Kim, Comal ISD Superintendent is the guest speaker.

New Members 



Susan and Tim Cronin  (Sorry I had Tim's name wrong in February Voter)

152 Pennsylvania Blvd. NB 78130



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From the President


Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy   Slogans are only as good as the work done to back them up.  I am proud to say that LWV-CA is doing good work. 


The creation of a League unit for Guadalupe County will increase voter services to those residents and bring more opportunities for community discussions of issues.


Speaking out at a TCEQ public hearing and writing letters to our State legislators means we are involved in the democratic process.  As you will read in Jensie Madden's well crafted testimony, she relied on facts - not rhetoric.


In preparing for the May elections, we want to be sure voters have information they need to be informed.  Registering high school students in the classroom gives the League the opportunity to emphasize the importance of voting.


The LWV of Texas has been Defending Democracy by standing against the efforts of the Texas Secretary of State to purge voter roles. Read President Grace Chimene's  editorial on TribTalk.


The work of the League takes team effort and you can see in this newsletter that many people are working hard.  Some efforts also cost money for printing, buttons, Vote411, etc.  Please remember the League on  March 28 during the Big Give  as you make your charitable donation choices. 


New Voting Equipment for Comal County 


         Thursday, March 7, 2019

         10:00 AM to 7:00 PM 


         Comal County Elections Center

         396 N. Seguin Ave.

         New Braunfels, Texas 78130







Come see the New Hart Verity Voting Equipment.

You will be able to vote on a mock election to see how much easier it is to vote. 


Hispanic Culture in New Braunfels 


In honor of Women's History Month and Texas History Month the League is co-sponsoring a program with the New Braunfels Public Library to learn about the Hispanic Community of Comal County with  Estella Delgado Farias on Thursday, March 21 at 7 pm at the New Braunfels Public Library, 700 East Common St.

Farias has archived Hispanic history in the area  by gathering photos, articles, memorabilia and oral recordings of family histories and maintaining a database of the information she gathers. Her collaborations with local organizations include exhibits and works at the Sophienburg, Westside Community Center, Comal County Veterans Project, Comal County Genealogy Society, and Comal County Historical Commission.  The Herald-Zeitung named Farias its 2018 Citizen of the Year for her work and her efforts led to a Texas Historical Marker for the West End Baseball Park and Dance Hall, and  a Historic Texas Cemetery designation for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cemetery. 

Big Give - March 28, 2019


Get ready to give! On March 28th, LWV-CA will participate in the BIG GIVE, a day of online giving to support local nonprofits committed to making South Central Texas a great place to live, work, and play. Please join our campaign and help us reach our goal of $1500 and 50 donors! 


All funds raised by LWV-CA during the event go to the LWV of the Comal Area Education Fund to provide Voter Guides and information, Candidate Forums and issue information to our local area which includes all of Comal County and Guadalupe County. In 2018, BIG GIVE donations enabled an increased distribution of Voter Guides for the midterm elections.  In 2019, we need your support to introduce a Youth Empowerment Voter Education Program to expand outreach with in-class presentations at CISD high schools to facilitate young voter engagement.  Donate online to support these efforts.   

May 4, 2019 Elections


Here is the final list of elections scheduled for May 4.  Some races were cancelled because there were no contested races.  Some juirisdictions hold elections in November instead of May.  Each candidate below will be sent questions for VOTE411.  There will also be pro and con statements for the bond issues.  Plans are underway to hold a candidate forum in Garden Ridge.


New Braunfels Bond Issue


New Braunfels City Council District 2

  • Krystal Bolden
  • Justin Meadows (Incumbent)
  • Bryan Mortenson


New Braunfels ISD Board at large

  • Wes Clark (Incumbent)
  • David Heefer (Incumbent)
  • Michael Trevino


Seguin ISD  Bond Issue


Garden Ridge

Mayor  Larry Thompson (Incumbent) and  David Ringle
City Councilmember Place 2  Frankie Friend and Lisa Swint
City Councilmember Place 3  Bryan Lantzy(Incumbent)   and Martha Stipp 


Guadalupe County Unit


Comal League members from Guadalupe County held their first Unit meeting on March 1.  These members will remain active in the larger League but will also meet to discuss issues particular to Guadalupe County and to plan community meetings on these topics.  They will also work to register voters and provide information about local elections for VOTE411. Through their efforts the League can provide voter education information to a wider audience. 


LWV - CA Speaks Out 


In February, LWV-CA took two opportunities to speak out to protect water resources in Comal County. 

Opposed Wastewater Discharge into Indian Creek

On Feb 7, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality held a Public Meeting to hear comments on an application to change a wastewater discharge permit from land application to direct discharge (TPDES) into Indian Creek, then to Cibolo Creek, in Bulverde. In our comments, LWV-CA called attention to the special problem of the additive effect of the risks as more and more TPDES permits are approved in the Bulverde/Spring Branch area. Current and proposed discharge permits could add up to a million gallons per day of wastewater discharge, eventually entering Cibolo Creek, a source of recharge for the Edwards Aquifer. Read our comments here


Requested local legislators to forego legislation to establish Honey Creek Ranch MUD

LWV-CA sent letters to Sen. Campbell and Rep. Biedermann supporting a resolution from the City of Bulverde, asserting the authority of the city to require conditions on a Municipal Utility District (MUD) for Honey Creek Ranch. We cited the LWVTX position supporting adequate powers at the local level to provide local services. Read our letter here. 


Senator Campbell's Office responded, "Senator Campbell respects the passion of the people of Bulverde and has no intention of filing a bill to create a MUD for Honey Creek Ranch." 

Jensie Madden

Comal ISD Voter Registration in the Classroom

Janyth Fredrickson and Joyce Doyle are making preparations with the Comal Independent School District (CISD) for the league to register high school seniors to vote this spring. They have met with Patty Nieto, Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator, to identify classes that will reach eligible seniors and to coordinate logistics necessary for the visits. Plans are for league volunteers to spend 15-20 minutes in each of 11 government and economics classes in May and register all eligible seniors. Joyce and Janyth are working on a short presentation with PowerPoint to serve as a template for the volunteers. Joyce, Roxanna Deane, and Robin Engel will meet with AP government and economics teachers in March to share league plans for the visits and get feedback. Meanwhile, Roxanna and Jerrie Champlin are working on a voter information sheet to distribute to the students. The sheet will outline how to register, how to get voter updates, when and where to vote including when a person is at college, and how to evaluate candidate information, including fake news.

Janyth Frederickson


Lobby Days - Austin 2019

Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.

I smiled as I saw those words on the back of a red T-shirt at Lobby Days in Austin. How well-said, how succinct yet all encompassing.  Being new to League of Women Voters, I hadn’t noticed that phrase before, but have now seen first-hand how the League puts this statement of purpose into action, spiced with fun and companionship.


League members had come from all over Texas to Austin on Monday, February 4th to learn more about the priority issues chosen for 2019 and then communicate the important points to their legislators. This is just one part of the League’s activities, which include studying all issues, publishing their findings, following legislation and sending out action alerts when an important vote or hearing is about to take place.  Those activities are particularly important during odd years, when the Texas Legislature is in session. During even-numbered election years, they concentrate more on registering, educating and getting voters to the polls.


Lobby Days opened with reports on the three priority issues chosen for this year: Voting Rights and Election Laws, Financing Public Education in Texas, and Women’s Health in Texas. It was these three topics that brought me to Lobby Days. I wanted to learn more about all of them, particularly Voting Rights and Election Laws, and I knew they would have been well researched. I was not disappointed.  READ Joyce's full report here.

Joyce Doyle 


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