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 From the Desk of Dawson Blanck
Executive Director  

Happy New Year to each and every one of you! I wanted to take this time to thank all Trusted Coaches and their administrators for your dedication to youth sports! Without dedicated people like you, we would not be able to make such amazing impacts on youth and their families. Thank you for all that you do for the youth in your community and the association you serve. I truly understand the role as a volunteer coach, both professionally and personally. This fall, I had the opportunity to coach my daughter's 2nd/3rd grade basketball team and this winter, I am currently coaching my son's 2nd/3rd grade basketball team. The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those that are the most impressionable is extremely gratifying! The entire Trusted Coaches team is committed to "keeping the Trusted Coaches platform fresh" in 2017 and we will continue to listen to all of our participants in order to accomplish that. May 2017 bring nothing but the best to you and your family, and may the spirit of coaching bring happiness to you as well.
Year 2 Package Available
Baseball Organizations Getting Ready for 2017

The Year 2 Package includes:
  • Annual Nationwide Criminal Background Check
  • Peak Performance Series (Heat, Hydration & Nutrition)

Concussion Refresher

This short video clip is a great reminder of the importance of understanding concussions. Take a few minutes to hear a short message from our partners at Fairview Sports Medicine.

Get in the
Coaching Spirit

Sometimes the holidays get us all in a rush, and we forget exactly why we do the things we do, such as coaching youth sports. This story should definitely get you in the Coaching Spirit!  

You Are Helping Trusted Coaches
Have a Positive Impact!  

Sometimes it’s hard to put a number on what type of impact and influence Trusted Coaches is having on the youth sports community in the short time it has been available for public consumption. Well, our number crunchers did just that, and conservatively, here is the data:

  • Coaches Trained:  4,000
  • Athletes Positively Impacted:  52,000 (average team size is 13)
  • Parents and Guardians with Peace of Mind:  163,280 (family size 3.14)
  • Total Number of People Positively Impacted by Trusted Coaches:  219,280
Website Updates:  
What's New for 2017?  

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a website like Trusted Coaches? Well, there are a lot of moving parts and constant tweaks. In order to stay on top of all the changes that are necessary to the Trusted Coaches website, our staff meets on a weekly basis. But we also need your help. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey to help us continue our mission of "Better Coaches and Safer Kids." 

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Member Spotlight

Matt Thornton is a coach, a youth sports organization (YSO) administrator, and a parent. Matt works hard to balance family life and his busy schedule as owner of Jay Buckley Baseball Tours. Find out more in our Q & A with Matt.

Participating Youth Sports Organizations

Since Trusted Coaches launched in March of 2015, over 7,200 memberships have been purchased in Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin and Louisiana. The Trusted Coaches platform has also seen over 500 Trusted Coaches complete the Year 2 Package and almost 300 coaches complete a customized "unbundled" package which includes two or three of the essential components based on an organizational needs.

These organizations understand how important training and education are for their coaches. Click here to see who's in the know!
One Community,
One Platform!

Are these questions or statements familiar to you?

  • Do I have to do this stuff again? I just did all this for Basketball!
  • Why can’t all the sports just work together with concussion certificates and background checks!?

In today’s youth sports, a volunteer coach is mandated to complete concussion instruction and the majority of organizations mandate background checks prior to the start of each sports season. 

Customer Testimonials

We recently interviewed two youth sports administrators to ask how their organization benefited from using Trusted Coaches.  

Hear more from Chris Bentrott, President of Blaine Area Little League here...

Tom Kuykendall is the President of an "umbrella" youth sports organization (St. Anthony Sports Boosters). Watch Tom's interview here...
A Healthy Alternative

Athletes continually push their physical limits in order to perform at their highest level. A trusted coach should be aware of how much to push athletes. Tendon pain is a common problem when pushing too much. Tendons connect muscle to bone. Any joint pain could be caused by an injury of the tendon. An understanding of how to properly manage and advance an athlete within a given sport season is vital to minimizing both time lost and the further progression of any tendon symptoms. Read more...
Trusted Coaches Resource Center

The Trusted Coaches Resource Center is dedicated to helping youth sports coaches find and use the tools that ensure players have a positive and productive experience.

Becoming a youth sports coach is extremely challenging. Preparing effective practice plans and game strategies; teaching sports skills; motivating distracted and sometimes unenthusiastic players; building psychological resilience; and encouraging teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership can feel like a second full-time job. Because the designers of Trusted Coaches are youth sports experts, we understand the significant amount of time dedicated to making young athletes successful and keeping parents supportive of your efforts. With practices, league games, tournaments, parent meetings etc., it can seem overwhelming, and we truly appreciate the sacrifices you and your family make. 

The Resource Center was constructed to help make youth coaching a wonderful and fulfilling experience and has a collection of incredibly useful information related to great coaching for all levels of the game. The Center includes free articles, videos, recordings, and forms gathered from national governing bodies (USA Basketball, USA Baseball, etc.) and other public service organizations (PCA, CDC, etc.) that will educate and entertain you as well as strengthen your coaching abilities.  

Trusted Coaches members have unlimited free use of the Center and we encourage members to alert us about any resources that we should add. Thank you for all you do for the youth of your community!  

Trusted Coaches -- Better Coaches, Safer Kids  

If you are a member of Trusted Coaches, you have exclusive access to the materials in the Resource Center.
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