Volume 12, Issue 9
September, 2019
Greetings from CoachDeck!

Spice up those practices and give your average "mom and dad volunteer coach" the support they need. A CoachDeck works wonders when it comes to practice ideas and fun!

In this issue:
In the first of two parts, Bruce Brownlee provides techniques for players to work after receiving the ball with their backs to the goal. Brian Gotta wonders if we may be teaching our players there is a "grey line" between honest and dishonest behavior. And Dr. Darrell Burnett chimes in with possibly the briefest article we've run, but bulletin board material for all coaches.

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Turning Back to Goal
By Bruce Brownlee

Youth soccer players often receive a ball with their back to goal, usually with pressure from an opposing defender raging on their back to push them away from the goal. Read Article
Unsportsmanlike Conduct
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

A friend of mine who plays women's league tennis shared an article on social media about cheating in the game. The topic was, “incorrect line calls made by opponents and how to deal with them”. It got me thinking about how we coach our kids.  Read Article
Positive Coaching
By Dr. Darrell Burnett

Positive coaching: Fourteen ways to keep youth sports positive. 1. Concentrate on positives. 2. Over teach. 3. Amplify SuccessesRead Article