Nantucket Grown
Festival this Weekend
2019 NantucketGrown™ Food Festival

NantucketGrown™ Food Festival ...a unique food-focused event designed to celebrate a growing local and regional sustainable food system. To educate our community about the benefits of sustainability on land and sea. To support our growers, farmers, fishermen and food producers, and the work of Sustainable Nantucket.
Fermenting Workshop with Chef Quang Tran | The Hayloft at Bartlett’s Farm | 8-9am | $30 per person
Fermentation Workshop with Chef Quang Tran of Nantucket Prime in the Hayloft at Bartlett’s Farm. This class will introduce you to the process and science of fermentation, the health benefits of fermented food, food preservation and how to transform simple ingredients into tasty, healthy creations. Continental breakfast will be served. 
Fabulous Fall Weather Means Tons of Fall Flowers & Pumpkins in the Garden Center! 
There is so much vibrant color in the Garden Center, it's hard to believe it's October! 

Pansies, Fall Grasses, Mums, Fall Planters, plump Jack-O-Lanterns, spectacularly speckled gourds & decorative pumpkins are all just begging for a porch, step or window sill to liven up.
Let's Talk Turkey
All of your favorites are back!
Ooey gooey mac & cheese, buttery mashed potatoes, silky delicious butternut squash soup, decadent baked goods like super moist cranberry upside down cake, apple ginger quick bread and fruit of the forest pies.  Click the menu below for more information available on our website and to place your order online.
Seasonal Wine & Cider for Your
Fall Table
For wine, beer & cider lovers out there, Fall is an exciting time as our palates begin to shift with our meal cravings. Chablis & oysters are swapped out for cheesy baked vegetable gratins paired with crisp Chenin Blanc and oven-braised beef with mushrooms paired with juicy, earthy Cru Beaujolais. Like switching out our flip flops for Ugg boots, we pass on those pale pink rosés for wines better suited to the chilly nights. We crave warming, spicy red wines  like plum-scented Cabernet Sauvignon,  silky Primitivo, & bold, aromatic Malbec, also rich, white varietals like structured California Chardonnay, crisp, apple-y Chenin Blanc & zippy, aromatic Riesling. Now enter the fabulous world of hard cider and the pairing opportunities are even more endless. Cider (considered a fruit wine) is perfect as an apertif with hors d'oeuvres, main event or at the end of any great meal. The trick here is to pair the flavor profile of the cider like you would with grape wine; pair semi-dry hard ciders with appetizers or dessert and a drier one (ahem, less sugar) as you would a dry wine. Hard cider pairs wonderfully with most cheeses, roast pork, chicken, vegetables, even spicy Asian & Indian curries. Read on for our favorite new additions at Bartlett's and as always, we here to help you pair the perfect wine, beer OR cider with your next meal!
For cocktail hour,
beachy dog walk or
around the bonfire-

Honey Horchata

Graft was created by siblings Kyle & Sara Sherrer. Sourcing apples from New York's Hudson Valley, all of Graft's ciders employ century-old European traditions of using wild yeast and bacteria to ferment to dryness. They then harness the flavor profiles created from this style of natural cider and develop unique
and innovative flavors that we just go wild for!
There isn't a cider they make that we DON'T LOVE! 
To serve with
the main course-

Bad Seed Dry Hard Cider
Best friends Albert,  a 6th generation apple farmer and Devin, an avid home brewer, together with meager savings and a love of cider, started Bad Seed Cider Company in 2011.  
Bad Seed's Dry Hard Cider is extremely dry, fermented with Sauvignon Blanc yeast and then conditioned in the can, it is similar to an apple champagne or delicious apple 'Prosecco'. There are actually 0 grams sugar in this cider, so there is no fear that anyone will dare say it's too sweet!
Serve with apps, dinner OR dessert!

Snowdrift Red Cider- made from red-fleshed apples! 

All of Snowdrift's ciders start with French, English and old American cider apple varieties to insure that their ciders carry intense aromatic flavors that shine through fermentation and aging. They pair well with a wide range of foods. Aged cheeses, fish, pork, and cured meats. This stunning red cider is a rare treat! The apple varieties they use are only a couple of generations removed from varieties native to the hills of Kazakhstan! Their brilliant red flesh yields a crimson red cider
(no color additions here!) with bright acidity, packed
with flavors of cranberries, watermelon, rhubarb &
strawberries, finishing with soft caramel tones.
This cider's bright acidity & juicy, complex fruit flavor pair well with light desserts, festive occasions and cheery company.
Emilien Colin started selling wine in 1900, but the family history goes back to 1735. A true family affair, 8th generation Patrice Colin runs the estate with his wife Valérie. Patrice takes care of all operations from vineyard work to vinification and bottling, practices organic farming & biodynamic principles; there are 150 different plants in the vineyard! His Chenin Blanc is sourced from 60 to 90 year old vines grown on flinty clay soil. A gorgeous nose of baked apples with ripe stone fruits, prune and lengthy spices on the palate, lifted by great acidity. A rich and complex white begging for Fall foods!
Raphael Saint-Cyr is the fourth generation vigneron at the Domaine Saint-Cyr. When Raphael took over the winemaking in 2008, he converted the entire 23 hectare domaine to certified organic viticulture.  The 2018 Domaine Saint-Cyr "La Galoche" Beaujolais is stunning: Light yet fruity,  it offers a hint of spice, cedar and underbrush.  Floral aromas and flavors of wild red berries and blood orange. No sulfur additions.  This Beaujolais is the perfect companion to poultry, grilled fish, baked brie and turkey.
Save the Date for Pumpkin Decorating
and Scarecrow Building!
Spooky Decorations for Your Home
If Halloween decorations are your thing, we have a fun collection of whimsical decor like feathery owls, scary skulls, witches feet, and festive Halloween candy baskets for everyone little ghost and ghoul!
Pumpkin Carving Kits are in and ready for your creative skills to be put to work! Scoops, knives, paints, stickers. If you need it to carve or decorate a pumpkin, we carry it!
Farm Grown Cabbage
Cabbage. Why is it that we forget about this versatile veggie when planning dinner? Potatoes, squash, kale... they get all the attention. But seriously! Our farm grown cabbage is so sweet and crunchy, it lasts forever and day in the veggie drawer and is dirt cheap! Cabbage can take so many delicious forms. Braised with bacon, caraway and vinegar, it's the perfect thing with a roast. A cold noodle salad is made complete with julienned cabbage & carrots, tossed with herbs, sesame seeds and peanut sauce. Get fancy by rolling steamed leaves of cabbage with rice, crumbled sausage and tomato sauce or channel your inner fraulein and try your hand at home made sauerkraut! Get inspired and get cooking with these cabbage-featured recipes!
Protect Your Plants with
 These Great Products

Fall and Winter Life Savers

by Hilary Armour, Garden Center Manager

Now is the time to start protecting plants for winter. We have two products that will help!
WiltPruf is an anti desiccant that can be applied to evergreens to help hold moisture in the leaves or needles. Excellent for use on Azalea, Rhododendron, Boxwoods, Privet, Holly, Arborvitae, Junipers & Cedars. Once the growing season is over and the majority of moisture has retreated from the plant, spray the tops and bottoms of the leaves or branches with needles. This needs to be done in temperatures above 35 degrees as it is water-based and freezing on the leaf surface will cause damage. Wiltpruf is also great for extending the life of your Christmas wreath and live tree, once again spray top and bottom to run off and allow wreath or tree to dry.  The sealant will help with browning and drying of the needles keeping the moisture in the needles longer.
Bobbex Winter Formula Deer & Rabbit Repellent is one of our favorites!  The Winter Commercial Formula contains better adhesion properties and will stick with you and your plants through the winter months! Spray once the growing season is done, top and bottom and allow to dry. Once again, this should be done above 35 degrees due to water content.
Stop into the Garden Center if you have any questions regarding these products or just need tips for getting ready for winter.
More Great Gardening Tips Below:
Did you know that Fall is the time to plant Spring  blooming daffodils and tulips?
Click here for tips and tricks on growing these early season beauties! Tons of bulbs for sale in the Market, too!
News from Nantucket Fresh Catch
Nantucket Fresh Catch is Closed for the Season at their Bartlett's Farm Location.
Get your fresh catch from Glidden's Seafood next to mid-island Stop & Shop.
Celebrate Friendship and
Kick Off the Holiday Season!
Our 11th Annual Ladies Night is a mere 22 days away!
Each year, the funds that

we raise go to local charities.
This year we raise money for Small Friends of Nantucket Give a little extra and get a lot in return with the purchase of a VIP hour ticket! $50 gets you in before the crowds, a signature cocktail, fancy appetizers, a gift bag full of goodies, raffle tickets and more. What are you waiting for!?

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