Your perseverance during a challenging summer is appreciated. Too much rain, not enough sun and lots of high winds have made caring for the beds a challenge. Flowers have been slow to respond in these conditions, but weeds seem to thrive. Despite the obstacles, the flowers in your beds and planters add to the beauty of our community.


Front Yards

Our Front Yard program was a resounding success this year with over 400 nominations. The five finalists are:

Faye White – 58 Glamorgan Drive

Judy Thompson – 43 Glamorgan Drive

Lea-Ann Gerling – 268 Lilac Terrace

Betty Banner – 5 Deacon Place

Norma and Frank Parker – 1614 Jubilee Cres

Thank you to our community Judges this year:

Andrew Davison - Strathcona Garden Club

Kyla Norris - South Cooking Lake Greenhouses

Megan Hahn, MFA - visual artist, art teacher

Candy Mason - garden extraordinaire and former finalist

Our Front Yard Coordinator, Beth Hunt and her hard-working team did a great job again. Thank you also to Terry Back, a gardener and photographer and Karen Deimert, an interior decorator and jewelry designer for helping to choose the final 10 finalists from the 20 our volunteers determined.


Heart of the Community Award 

In honour of our 20th Anniversary, the Heart of the Community Award was created. The first recipients of this award are Front Yard nominees, Maureen Franklin and Mishaal Ali. They live in a multi family complex and in very small spaces, created beautiful gardens. Ali and his family admired Maureen’s space and asked if she could help them do one like it. Maureen willingly helped them to create their own garden.

During the process of constructing their garden, a strong bond formed between both families. Maureen has “adopted” Ali and his daughter Judey calls Maureen “Grammy”. Maureen and Judey (5) volunteer to maintain a planter by the office. Judey had become an expert gardener and happily reminds Maureen when it is time to weed or deadhead.


Outdoor Spaces

This is the second year that we have recognized businesses and non-profit organizations in Strathcona County. They contribute to our community by making their outdoor spaces more beautiful with the addition of flowers. Last year, we recognized 35 organizations. This year we were able to recognize 73 businesses or non-profit organizations. The variety or businesses increased as well as the number. Many of the businesses recognized this year did not have flowers last year. A full list is on our website.


New Executive Member

Leah Brown has joined our Executive over the summer and is now our social media person. Leah has been a key member of the Front Yard team for the past few years. She created an Instagram account for Strathcona in Bloom. Be sure to follow us also on Facebook and Twitter. We welcome Leah and look forward to her expanding our social media presence.


Front Yard Awards Presentation/Volunteer Thank You

Our Front Yard Finalists and Heart of the Community Award recipient will be recognized in Council Chambers during the September 17, Council meeting at 9:30 am. This is all open to the public. Our volunteers will be saluted with a reception at 10:30 am in Community Centre Meeting Rooms 3 and 4. Refreshments will be served.

This will be a great opportunity to express your thanks to Jerry Dubyk, our past President and current Treasurer. Jerry has served Strathcona in Bloom for over a dozen years and has decided to “retire” from Strathcona in Bloom. We have appreciated his steady leadership for so many years and wish him well in his future endeavors. Look for your invitation with details confirmed.


Save the Date

Saturday, September 21, 2019. We have arranged for a private tour of the Bremner Mansion for Strathcona in Bloom volunteers on this day. Details will follow as they are finalized.

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on October 15, 2019 at 7 p.m. in the Recreation, Parks and Culture Boardroom. Nominations will be open for a Treasurer. All members (volunteers) are invited to attend.