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Registration is now open for the 2018 UPMC Health Plan/UPMC Sports Medicine Pittsburgh 5K Run, Toyota Pittsburgh Kids Marathon, and Sheetz Toddler Trot! Click here to sign up.

Please consider becoming a Kids of STEEL fundraiser through P3R’s Run for a Reason program. There are two types of fundraisers (or FUN-raisers as we like to call you):

  1. Register and Fundraise - Looking to run one of our Spring races for free? This is the FUN-raiser for you! Each race has a minimum fundraising goal. For instance, $50 is the fundraising goal for the Toyota of Pittsburgh Kids Marathon. Once your child has raised that minimum, their registration fee is refunded.
  2. Fundraise only - Even if you're already registered for a race, you can still run for a reason. We'll lower your race fundraising minimum and welcome you as a member of our Kids Of Steel Family! Your race registration isn’t refunded with this option.

Every dollar raised for Kids of STEEL goes right back into programming. Even raising just $70 provides a pair of running shoes, a race entry & transportation to the race for one of our runners who may not otherwise be able to participate. Click here to read more about our Run for a Reason Charity Running Team!

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November is Get UP and Move Month! Check out the November family calendar for fun tips and suggestions throughout the month. Print it out here and hang it on your fridge! Don’t forget about this month’s recipe, Cranberry Sweet Potato Casserole. November 12 is Stretch It Day! Follow Coach Stu’s tips on the importance of stretching. As a fun indoor or outdoor activity on November 30, make up your own circuit training like the example below: 

7 Minutes (Repeat 2x)
30 seconds SPRINT
10 seconds BURPEE
30 seconds JUMP
10 seconds BURPEE
30 seconds PUSH-UPS
10 seconds BURPEE
30 seconds SIT-UPS
10 seconds BURPEE
30 seconds AIR KICK
10 seconds BURPEE
Tips from Stewart Jones, USATF Level 1 Coach
Is stretching important?

Stretching is a great way to prevent sports related injury. It can help prevent muscles tears and pulls by increasing your range of motion. Stretching may not cause drastic improvements, but the longevity it promotes makes it worth taking the time to stretch before and after a workout.

Be sure to check out the stretches that I do when I’m getting ready to run. Remember to do these after you run or finish up other physical activity.
Tips from Nick Fischer, RD, LDN
Common myth: Microwaves destroy the nutrients in food and make it radioactive.

Cooking will alter the nutrient content of food. The longer the food is cooked, the more alteration. Microwaves use a type of radiation (like the sun, but less powerful) to target water molecules in food and create heat through friction. Nutrients are spared because microwaves target water molecules, employ less heat, and require less cooking time. Plus, preparing food in the microwave is convenient. You can steam vegetables in minutes!

Learn more about other food myths on Nick's Blog! 
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