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September 2017
Welcome to the eQuaLearn September 2017 Newsletter. This edition will include Tom Murphy's final article of the three-part series on thermocouples, as well as an article written by William Corcoran on Contract Review for Aerospace Suppliers. You will also find information on eQuaLearn's 2018 training schedule and discover the benefits of an onsite eQuaLearn training. Learn more about meeting the eQuaLearn team and registering for complimentary training during the October 2017 Nadcap Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA. Please do not hesitate to contact an eQuaLearn team member if you have any questions or require assistance.
October 2017 Nadcap Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA
Will you be attending the Nadcap meeting in Pittsburgh, PA on 23-26 October 2017? If so, visit the eQuaLearn desk to discuss your training needs with a team member. In addition to the complimentary training eQuaLearn offers throughout the week, team members will be available to help your company organize public and onsite training for the remaining 2017 and future 2018 sessions! Please contact eQuaLearn Manager Michele Stefanchik to arrange a meeting time.
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AMS2750E Thermocouples Requirements - Part 3
The final article of Tom Murphy's three-part series on thermocouples will address Recalibration and Reuse Restrictions.
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eQuaLearn 2018 Training Schedule
The 2018 training schedule for eQuaLearn courses will be released in October 2017. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to plan your future professional development training courses! Please keep in mind eQuaLearn only conducts certain special process courses once or twice a year.
As a valued newsletter subscriber, eQuaLearn would like to offer you a 10% discount off any class taking place between January 1 – March 31, 2018. When registering for courses on eQuaLearn.com, please enter the following discount code 9W2547SP at checkout to receive this special offer. This discount is valid until December 31, 2017.
Please contact an eQuaLearn team member with any questions or for assistance with registration.
eQuaLearn 2018 Training Schedule
Contract Review for Aerospace Suppliers (Process and Quality Planning)
William Corcoran has been an eQuaLearn instructor for Contract Review, Statistical Process Control, Internal Auditing and Nadcap Chemical Processing courses since 2011 and a Nadcap CP Auditor since 2010. William is a former attorney, business school professor, and President and CEO of Katahdin Industries, Inc. He has written an article addressing Contract Review for Aerospace Suppliers - Process and Quality Planning. 
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Onsite training sessions with eQuaLearn 
Onsite training is a perfect opportunity to receive training that fits your company’s specific needs and budget. Our instructors are subject matter experts who assure your learning experience is a success. All eQuaLearn special process and quality courses are available for onsite training.
Onsite training offers great perks:
  • Reduce time out of the office as the training comes to you
  • Choose the date that works best for your company
  • Ask your questions to an expert instructor in a confidential environment​​​​​​​
Please review our Course Catalog to see which eQuaLearn training course would benefit your company. Contact an eQuaLearn team member to answer any questions or to book your onsite training today.  
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