The electronic newsletter of
Beth Miriam
December 18, 2016
                  180 LINCOLN AVE, ELBERON, NJ

Meeting, Breakfast, & Concert by Art Topilow

9:30 - Breakfast
10:00 - Dr. Art Topilow and Friends will give a concert
11:00 - Annual Meeting
All temple members are invited and encouraged to be at the Annual Congregational Meeting to find out what the Board of Trustees have been doing, ask questions of the Board, review the temple budget and receive updates about the temple.

♪ ♪ There will be a concert by Dr. Art Topilow and his trio performing.  You won't want to miss this wonderful musical offering. ♪ ♪

And, of course, there will be breakfast.
Everything starts at 9:30 in the Social Hall.

Hannukah Blessings
Hannukah is almost here!  I hope your holidays is filled with warmth and light.
And speaking of celebrating Hanukkah, here are the blessings.  Enjoy!
Let's study the portion of the week
Rabbi Stanway is happy to announce the beginning of a Portion of the Week study.  We will be learning the parashat hashavuah using commentaries and delving into some of the themes and issues in each portion.  We will meet beginning on January 7 at 11 am and the study will be about an hour.  A full calendar will be available on the temple website.OK
Rabbi Stanway's Reflection on the new Days of Awe prayerbook

Rabbi Stanway will be sharing some reflections throughout the year on the new Days of Awe prayerbook, Mishkan HaNefesh.  You can read them from the links below:
Sisterhood Sports Fun-draiser

If you or someone you know is a big sports fan, then we have a great app for you! And best of all, signing up for this FREE app will raise funds for Temple Beth Miriam! Go to AppStore/GooglePlay and search for the App Firefan…and use code TBMWINS.
You will be able to play along with sporting events that are being broadcast live! Eventually all sporting events from around the world will be associated with the app!

It is free to download and works like an arcade game. Players earn points and can trade them in for rewards, such as hats, t-shirts, electronics, tickets to big games and more!

The best part is, while you are having fun playing the app Firefan, you will be helping TBM!
Sisterhood has arranged it so that every person who downloads the app Firefan, with our unique code (TBMWINS), will be registered under our non-profit group.

When you play, earn points and watch advertisements in the app, TBM earns money to put towards all the incredible events and programs that our community enjoys every day!
Please pass this on to all your family and friends.
When TBMWINS (our code) we all win!!

If you have any questions, please email Judy Peckmore at jpeckmore@verizon.net
Hanukkah Celebration Dinner and Shabbat
Friday, December 30
6:15:  Dinner
7:30:  Shabbat Service

Bring your menorah and candles, your dreidels and your appetite as we celebrate Shabbat and Hannukah with fried chicken dinner including latkes and jelly-filled donuts, a dreidle tournament and menorah lighting on the 7th day of Hanukkah.  This will be followed by a music-filled Shabbat service with Cantor Camhi singing with a Hanukkah twist! 

The cost is $10/adult $5/child (12 and under) and a maximum of $35.  It is very important to RSVP to the temple at 732-222-3754 so we know how much food to buy.  Invite a friend, too and celebrate the Festival of Lights!

Please join us for this fun evening in the dark of winter but with the light of Hanukkah and Shabbat with your friends and family.   Don't forget to bring your menorah!
2016 TBM Raffle
After a long and sometimes-frustrating battle with various bureaucracies, we have finally acquired our license for the World Famous, and highly lucrative, Temple Beth Miriam Raffle.  The prizes are wonderful and well worth the small investment in the ticket.

We will be mailing out ticket books in the next few days and we strongly encourage you to participate in this very important event in the financial life of Beth Miriam. We count heavily on Raffle Ticket sales to help meet our anticipated budget expenditures.
Your ticket purchases go towards the many outstanding programs offered by Beth Miriam for toddlers, young children, "tweens," teens, adults, and seniors.

We hope you will reach deep down into your wallet and buy as many tickets as you can. You can mail your stubs and checks to the office or bring them in yourself.
Many sincere thanks in advance for your most kind and generous consideration,
Bob Kellert
Raffle Chair