Preaching Masterclass
Featuring Rev. Dr. Leslise Callahan
September 20, 2019, 12 Noon
People's Baptist Church
830 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02118

Lunch will be served.

September 12, 2019

TODAY is the deadline to register for our Preaching Masterclass with the Rev. Dr. Leslie Callahan!  This luncheon workshop is an opportunity to learn from one of the premier voices in homiletics today. Registrations are required so we can give a final count to our Black-owned catering provider.

In 2009, the Reverend Dr. Leslie D. Callahan was called to be the 5th and first female pastor of the historic 119-year-old St. Paul’s Baptist Church in Philadelphia. Callahan, who was once faculty at the University of Pennsylvania, leads her congregation with a focus on advocacy and community activism and a womanist slant.

Born in the coal fields of West Virginia, Pastor Callahan studied at Harvard and attended Union Seminary soon after. From there she earned from Ph.D. in American Religions from Princeton University.

Now Pastor Callahan advocates for lives at the margins in her role as head of the historic church.  

In an interview with, Rev. Dr. Callahan expands upon the tension preachers can feel between their calling and their institution:

Institutions are, by their nature, conservative. That is, they're trying to self perpetuate. They're concerned about their continuation, and that makes it hard for them to take risks. Part of what it means to struggle and to try to see something different, to imagine something different, is that it's very risky. You're not always going to get it right. You're not always going to say the right thing. You're not always going to do the right thing. Our strategies are not always going to be safe, and I think that institutions in general can be resistant to that, like we want to be safe and I think people personally want to be safe. Part of the way we've been taught in church that we can stay safe is by doing the right thing. If you just do what you're supposed to do, God'll bless you, and I think it can be hard to take that risk when you're not sure it's the right thing. It's staying in the box.

I'm trying to avoid the notion that there's something inherent in faith that requires us to be passive. I don't think that's so.
For Christians, for preachers, for bearers of the Gospel in any context, this is sure to be an inspired time of learning from Black Resiliency and the Black preaching tradition. 

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In hope,
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