March 2017 Newsletter
In like a lion, out like a lamb?
They say the month of March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.  But did you know that

  • March is National Craft Month  (see the new craft that we are obsessing over...)
  • March is National Nutrition Month  (try one of our new avocado smoothies...)
  • Daylight Savings Time begins on March 12
  • St. Patrick's Day is March 17 (you can enjoy our new limited edition "Luck of the Irish" bath bomb even if you're not from The Emerald Isle - we won't tell)

"Springtime is the land awakening.  The March winds are the morning yawn."
-   Lewis Grizzard

We are excited about spring here at The Flaming Ice Cube.  Let us get you “Marching” to the same beat!
Weaving Workshop Info
March is National Craft Month
Let's learn to weave!

We are very about learning a new craft/art as we explore another creative process for our healthy obsession (it is healthy, right?) with yarn...  Weaving!  You warp, you weft, you wow your friends with an amazing accessory done in a few short hours.  We are so excited to share our new passion, that we have added 5 more Learn to Weave Workshops to our spring schedule.  We’re going to warp your mind too!
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Luck Leprechaun Bath Bomb
Limited Edition

This St. Patrick's Day inspired bath treat will leave your skin soft, nourished, and ready for whatever the day (or night) may bring!  The fresh "shamrock" scent will soothe your spirit and revitalize your psyche.  Get yours soon - before they're gone like a leprechaun!
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March is National Nutrition Month
Avocado Smoothies - Nutrition in a Glass
The Flaming Ice Cube now offers avocado smoothies!  An avocado is the fruit of the avocado tree.  It is often referred to as a superfood.  Avocados are very nutritious and contain a wide variety of nutrients, including 20 different vitamins and minerals.  They contain more potassium than bananas and are loaded with fiber. 
Chimes for the windiest of months
Quality and Creativity

We can turn the winds of March into music for your ears with our Woodstock wind chimes.  We have a large selection of wind chimes ranging in sizes from small to large.  Regardless of the size, Woodstock wind chimes make crystalline notes with each breath of wind.
Annual Knitting Retreat!
May 5 - 7

This year we are happy to welcome Alasdair Post-Quinn to our retreat!  You may know Alasdair from his books Extreme Double-Knitting and Double or Nothing, or his classes at the national knitting conventions like Stitches.

Our retreat will take place May 5 - 7, 2017 at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Canfield, Ohio and will include accommodations Friday and Saturday night, dinner Friday and Saturday night, a boxed lunch Saturday, breakfast Saturday and Sunday, 9 hours of instruction and workshop and a goody bag worth over $50!
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Did you know that The Flaming Ice Cube has two Instagram accounts?  One is for all things knitting, and one is for everything else:
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