Thank you for your generosity in this first week of the One Church Fund!  Significantly, over half of the gifts received in this first week have come from first-time donors to the Massachusetts Council of Churches.  The network is growing, support is building, and it is clear that we are not alone.  Just as Jesus walks with us, this growing community is stepping up to confirm that all parts of the Body of Christ are needed, loved, and worthy as we prioritize care for the Black, immigrant and homeless communities most impacted by COVID19.

The launch of the One Church Fund is big news to a much wider community, and our story has been shared by the Associated Press, NPRMassLiveNBC10 Boston, Boston25Eagle Tribune, and the Gloucester Times last Friday.  Listen to Rev. Laura's interview on WGBH's special pandemic program "In it Together"  to hear how our shared commitment to one another is raising awareness and sparking hope.

If you have not yet had a chance to contribute to the One Church Fund, please give now. Our work is big, and it will be ongoing. We are committed to short term financial support and long term relationships.

We are also building up a network of mutual aid through the One Church Fund's Skill Share listings.  Are you able to build a website, lend accounting expertise, offer pastoral care?  Please sign up to share your skills!  And in this time of increased anxiety and uncertainty, it is more important than ever for all of us to learn to ask for what we need.  Do you need coaching on online children's programs, help recording your worship service, or a listening ear?  Visit the Seek a Skill page and find a connection to meet your need.

Asking for what we need was a central part of Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Dyer's Webinar this Wednesday, as she led clergy through strategies for leading as we deal with grief, mental fatigue and competing priorities. Read more below and get access the full recording on our website.  And as we are all learning to ask for what we need, the Paycheck Protection Plan continues to be an inequitable solution to a vast problem.  Elected officials have asked us to collect data on churches and PPP, so please fill out our survey below, whether your church applied or not, and we will continue to advocate for all churches in the Commonwealth.

As we walk this journey together, your partnership and commitment to one another reminds us that we do not journey alone.  We walk with you.  Please continue to share the ways in which we can help.  You are in our prayers.

In hope, 
Revs. Laura, Meagan, Kenneth, and Carrington
Yesterday's Wednesday Briefing with Rev. Dr. Dyer led pastors to consider how they might deal with and lead through their own grief, mental fatigue, and stress in this time. 

Please take time for this hour of compassionate instruction and encouragement.  Rev. Dr. Dyer is forming cohorts of 6 pastors each to engage the Church's tradition of lamentation as a way of helping Christians cope with this unprecedented time.  If you are interested in joining a cohort, please let us know.

The Massachusetts Council of Churches seeks to better understand the experience and the barriers to equal access of the federal Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program. We hope to use this aggregate data to advocate for a more just and equitable process with our elected leadership, and for more philanthropic support of churches that were not able to access federal funds.

Please fill out this survey, whether or not your church applied or received funds. This form will take ~3 minutes to complete. By completing this form, you help to ensure a more just use of resources.

Individual data for a church will not be shared publicly. If you have questions or concerns, contact us.
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