Heard any Rumors?

Hopefully the summer is treating you well and life is good for you and your family. 

You may have read in the local news or heard some rumors about my political future. I love political rumors about me.  They usually make me sound much more interesting than I actually am! Nonetheless, I think you should hear the truth directly from me that I will NOT be seeking reelection for Delegate in 2018.

I have had the greatest honor of my life serving in the Maryland General Assembly and I truly believe I have made a positive difference in our state.  From Anayah's Law, Lyme Disease, to Estate Tax Relief and tougher Drunk Driving Sanctions, I believe that my commitment to the people I serve has changed the state for the better.  

I have changed as well.  I've learned a lot about working collaboratively with all ends of the political spectrum to achieve something of value for the citizens. I'm still the impassioned Kathy that you first met back in 2010 but I'm more seasoned and hopefully a bit wiser.  

Through all of it, support from you has been my inspiration to continue serving.  The people I have met and the hearts of the citizens of Frederick and Carroll Counties have helped me stay balanced, and reminded me about humility.

My intention is to enjoy the summer with my family and friends and make an announcement after Labor Day about my future political plans. Meanwhile, I hope to finish well. The last year of my delegate term promises to be busy and productive and I will go full steam to the finish line. 

Already some strong candidates have shown interest in running for the open delegate seat.  I will introduce candidates for many offices as we get closer to election 2018, but for now I feel excited about "passing the torch" and being out in front as a cheerleader for great candidates up and down the ballot. From county offices all the way up to the reelection of Governor Hogan, I promise to be in the middle of it all and communicate as much as I can.

As a Republican who has gone up against my party's establishment more than once in the last 8 years, I am hoping to gain ground for common sense in Frederick County and the state of Maryland.

I look forward to the next chapter and I hope that you will be as excited as I am about the future of our county and state. 

Your Delegate,
Kathy Afzali
        People Not Politics
Apparently there is some anxiety with local Democrat leaders about my political future. Saturday morning Middletown VFD had invited me to its groundbreaking ceremony for the new firehall. I was asked to speak and make a presentation. When I got there I was not on the program and was not introduced. Later some of my buddies there informed me that there was a directive from the top of county government excluding me from the festivities. 
Our local fire and rescue heroes should NEVER be caught in the crosshairs of politics. 
If you donate to my efforts for common sense government, this week I will give 1/2 of all contributions to the Middletown VFD.
They need our support!

Chances are that if you live outside of Frederick City you are served by a Volunteer Fire and Rescue. They save tax dollars and lives.
If my fund drive goes well I will do this for all of the VFD fundraising carnivals.  Remember the fundraisers keep the lights on and the engines running.  When you call 911 they show up. We need them and they need us.
I am always available on my cell phone 301-524-7417
Authority: Friends of Kathy Afzali, John Cornelius, Treasurer