Dear --FNAME--,

Despite the 3 am sudden wakenings, sweaty and bleak, and the immediate avalanche of worries that smother me first thing every morning, I am feeling something good about our future.

It's the neighbors who, when I take a walk, are now sure to notice me, and we say hello - whereas a few months ago we might just as well have passed without a glance, each lost in our own thoughts.

It's the notices on my neighborhood app, NextDoor, offering assistance with shopping, picking up medications, and calling to check on neighbors who are older.

It's my daughter who's living with us this year, insisting that she do the shopping not only for our household, since my husband and I are both in the at-risk age bracket, but for our 91-year-old next-door neighbor as well.

It's the pioneer woman feeling I now have toward our food - a renewed sense of respect and gratitude for what now seem like treasures and wealth: leftover potatoes, carrots & onions from the St. Patrick's corned beef? I didn't just toss them; I made colcannon! - whereas in my "former life" I would have pitched them because, well, old soupy potatoes & carrots - you know, ick. My husband is feeding sourdough to make bread. My daughter is making casseroles and soups. And I'm growing broccoli sprouts; there's a constant jar on my countertop - tiny greens we can bring to life from just a spoonful of seeds:
Check Out This Website For Real-Time Covid Updates - and Some Encouragement

I've also felt a bit encouraged by finding a website I can check daily for updated projections of peak days and when we should expect a "flattening of the curve." The data is updated every 24 hours: You can see the numbers by country and by state anytime by going here: The numbers do indicate that there's an end in sight if we all continue social distancing through May. Please, let's all do that, even if the media starts easing off as the situation improves and we feel tempted to "go back to normal" sooner than the medical community says is safe. 

A Note About Women At Woodstock

One last thing: I'm certain that the Women At Woodstock retreats will go forward in late October as scheduled, but I wanted to let you know that if I do have to cancel Women At Woodstock because of Covid-19 (highly unlikely), you'll get your money back. So there's no risk in registering now - and in fact there is a risk in waiting. Think about it; once social distancing is toned down, the floodgates will open up - everything we've been thinking about or wanting to do, we'll be doing like right now!  Registrations for WAW have been silent for the past six weeks - no surprise - but at the time that coronavirus hit, we were already 55% booked. I know that when we emerge from all this, registrations will start back up at full speed, and we will max out quickly.

So there's no reason to wait, and there's every reason to act now if you want to make sure you get your chance to join with like-minded women at the beautiful Lifebridge Sanctuary this fall. What a celebration, and a time for reflection, that will be.

Stay safe & stay well.

Women At Woodstock will be happening in October. Yes, better times are coming.