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Our July vacation is upon us!  Please read the announcement below regarding hours, etc.

If you're a Remote Technical Support (RTS) customer, there's still time to take advantage of saving $10 for RTS renewal.  The new rate of $84.95 starts August 1st.  Call us at 772-408-4425 if you want to renew now or if you want to know your renewal month.  If you're one of the many customers who have already renewed, what are you going to do with your extra $10?  :-)

Below you'll find our Question and Answer - we hope it's of interest to you!  You'll also discover info about webinars and seminars!  



Question Of The Week * July 10, 2014
Vacation Hours
From Monday, July 14th through Thursday, July 24th, there will be NO in- home service.  We will have special hours for Remote Technical Support.  Please check the hours daily at:

If you have a computer problem, please call us at 772-408-4425 and leave a message - we will call you back at our earliest convenience.  This is really a "working" trip for us so please do not hesitate to call.

There are lots of "minor" problems which can crop up and we have just the thing for you while we're away - our Vacation Survival Kit which you can find HERE.


Live Seminars

We're on Summer Hiatus! Our seminars will be back in September.  Watch for the date!


Free Webinars

We'll be announcing our July webinars soon.  Watch for the announcement on our blog, on Facebook or in our next Question of the Week email!

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Question Of The Week

Question:  I send emails all the time, usually with no problems.  However, I have one friend who never receives my emails yet the emails I send never bounce back to me.  What's going on?

Answer:  This is an excellent question we hear almost every week.  Here's our reply:

Whenever we are asked this question, the first thing we tell someone is that there is no one, easy answer to this question.  In order for us to understand how this might happen, we first need to consider the normal flow of an email.  Let's take a look at the process in graphic format.  (Click on the picture to view full size.)

Wow!  There are a lot of places along an email's route where it can be "lost in outer space."  When you see how an email must travel, it makes you wonder how any email gets properly delivered.

With this email flow in mind, here are some things to check if someone isn't getting your emails:
1)  If your friend uses an email client, ask him or her to make sure your email isn't on their client's black list.
2)  Ask your friend to log into his or her account on the web and check the Spam filter.  If your email provider allows it, he or she could disable spam filtering on their account and then see if they can receive your email.
3)  Try emailing them from a different email address.  (If you don't have a second email address, you could temporarily set one up.)
4)  Ask them to send you an email and you reply to it.  If they receive your reply, then things may be working again.
5)  Call your email provider and have your friend call his or her provider, as well.  Ask if there are any known issues between servers.

That's about it for our answer.  As I stated before, there are no easy answers!  Sometimes, emails are just lost for no reason and that's frustrating!

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