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Issue 1 Volume 6 September 2008
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World's Greatest Dad
Reasons Not to Re-Draft
10 Best Coaching Tips
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Hello again from CoachDeck!
Inside this issue of On Deck, we offer a poignant look at a father's love for his son. The touching story of Dick and Rick Hoyt will inspire you to be the best parent you can be. Coach Nick Pezzuto offers 10 essential tips to make you a better coach, and Brian Gotta makes a case for the "old-fashioned" way of choosing youth league teams.

We should mention that CoachDeck for Basketball will be available to purchase October 1st, so feel free to spread the word to all the hardwood coaches you know. Also, we welcome a new sponsor, Cleatskins, who produce a remarkable product - the likes of which you've never seen. As always we hope you enjoy this issue of On Deck and will share it with others.

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Team Hoyt World's Greatest Father

Most of us bandy around the word "Hero" in the sports world. Dick Hoyt takes "Hero" to a level you can't imagine. Watch and see if this five-minute video doesn't change you forever. Watch Video
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 Brian GottaWhy Your League Should Not Re-draft
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Youth League Administrators everywhere debate the fairest, most effective way to choose teams each year. What the adults often fail to realize is that what they think is best may not be what the kids would most enjoy. Read Article
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 Coach PezzuTop 10 Best Coaching Tips for Baseball
by Coach Nick Pezzuto
There are many theories about what is most important when it comes to coaching baseball. Here are ten tips every coach from T-ball to high school should know. Read Article