March 20, 2018
Week 5, Day 2
"Fasting" from: Energy | Some strategies: turn off lights and appliances when you do not need them, wear warmer clothes inside to keep the heater lower

Looks like winter is holding out for a little bit longer. As we all try to stay warm while daydreaming about spring, I'll be donning a cozy sweater or cardigan whenever I'm inside so I can keep the heat turned lower and reduce my carbon footprint.

In today's devotion video, learn about how a "passive home" can save 80-90% of the energy most current homes spend on heating and cooling. Could this be the future? It's pretty amazing, and we have Advent member, Laureen Hill, who built a passive home 5 years ago in California, to explain it for us.


Today's Daily Action
Time: 5-15 min

Find out how much you spent on electricity and gas in the last year. This could be done with some simple addition if you've kept the last year of bills, by logging into (or creating) an online account with your provider(s), or by calling your provider(s) with the phone number on any bill or statement.

We're going to use this info to calculate your home's carbon footprint later this week. So if you're interested in learning that, I recommend beginning with this step now so it doesn't get overwhelming.
Daily Question
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