The Buck Stops Where? 

AND Living  Life Fully: Blue Zones of Happiness Dinner April 23rd 

Today I was talking with a reporter about our work at the office.  When he asked how we would sum up our mission, it came down to ownership:  Encouraging ourselves and others to fully own life and health.  This means for us all learning to live in the NO EXCUSE ZONE.  That is a process, perhaps a muscle that is a lifelong journey.  We can postulate that living in the no excuse zone is made harder because we hear so many excuses: from ourselves, from politicians, coworkers, family members, and on and on.  We are “only human,” but we sell ourselves short when we give ourselves continuous excuses in this one and only life.  It may sound trite, but grasp the profound truth that this day is what we have … only today. If we are clear on our goals and purpose, let us be about proactively making a commitment to extinguish our excuse making.  

How to start? First, be self aware. Next, when you become aware of your excuses, rewire.  Take the time to make yourself create the new. Maybe you said you were going to exercise and it’s now 10 p.m. and the excuse is… “I  am really tired.”  What if you even walk up and down the steps in your house four times? Maybe just those five minutes help to rewire your subconscious to expect follow-through, not excuses.

There are plenty of books on this subject, and beginning with a good read and follow-up action will help keep this in mind.  Here is one of my personal favorites: Following Through, by Steve Levinson. He shares the  concept of putting yourself in a bind so you have to follow through. Think of one commitment you have made in 2019 and brainstorm ways you would almost force yourself to fulfill the commitment by putting yourself in a bind. We would love to hear your stories of a scenario you created that you cannot wiggle out of.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us! 

Robert Pendergrast, MD, MPH

Gail Pendergrast, BSN, MS, CPC

April 23

This mission of owning life and health is one reason we are doing the monthly book discussion.  We had a great response and sell-out crowd in March and are excited about this month’s continuation. On April 23rd we will meet over dinner and discuss Dan Buettner’s book The Blue Zones of Happiness.   We are very excited about our speaker, Pat Homer from Statesboro, who is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide and an expert on the importance of that connection and how it relates to happiness.  The link below will give more information on the program, including the update Dr. P will be giving after the Integrative Mental Health conference in San Francisco, and our book discussion. We also are planning some sharing from local elders. We have one confirmed elder (102 years old!!) coming to share so far.

See you there!

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