Our extensive product line allows us to meet your needs - no matter what.
We strive to provide the products you need to remain competitive in a wide
variety of industries while never sacrificing quality.
The T/S-150G series is the perfect combination of both. Read on for more information!
The 150 series carries a long list of certifications for use in a number of applications. Whether you're plumbing in a potable water system, or require UL and CSA certifications for gas, this valve has you covered. Click here to check the spec and find out more about this versatile valve!
The corrosion fighting properties of the dezincification resistant (DZR) alloy keep this valve in line for a long life. We double down on the fight against corrosion with an available stainless steel ball and stem for sizes 1" and larger. The threaded and sweat models are both available in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 4" to be sure we have the size and connection you need!