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September 2016
Welcome to the eQuaLearn Newsletter, September 2016 edition. In this newsletter we share useful information on the upcoming complimentary training at the Pittsburgh, PA Nadcap Meeting, the second article on AC7114 changes, and new eQuaLearn courses. We hope you find the content of this newsletter useful and if you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us
Free Training at the Pittsburgh, PA Nadcap Meeting
eQuaLearn will be providing seven complimentary training sessions on a first come, first served basis at the 2016 Nadcap Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.
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The Science and Engineering of Anodizing by Bill Corcoran
eQuaLearn has developed a new course called Chemical Processing- The Science and Engineering of Anodizing.
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New Languages Now Available 
eQuaLearn will be releasing two new courses in Italian and one new course in Spanish. 
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NDT AC7114 Checklist Question Part 2: "The Fine Print" by Linda Beene  
As previously communicated in the June eQuaLearn newsletter, the second AC7114 change, Specific Examinations Requirements, will now be addressed.
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