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Issue 3 Volume 12
December 2010

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How Many Swings Per Day?
Fears of a Football Dad
Motivating Kids
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We are looking forward to a fantastic 2011 and hope you are as well. Happy New Year!

Your League's "To-Do" List BEFORE Opening Day:
We had such overwhelmingly positive feedback from this list, we are running it again. We recommend you discuss these eight items BEFORE the season begins. You may save a lot of aggravation over the next six months if you establish policy on these issues now.

In this month's issue:
Dan Gazaway clears up an important question many coaches have on the number of swings players should take each day. Brian Gotta writes about the risk and reward we must weigh relative to injury in youth sports. And Dean Herbert's article on positive motivation techniques is perfect for coaches and parents alike.

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Happy 2011 from CoachDeck!
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How Many Swings Per Day? Dan Gazaway
By Dan Gazaway, Owner & Founder of The Pitching Academy

If you are a looking to become a good baseball player, there is no secret that it will take some hard work at some point. And while hitting drills are immensely valuable, there has always been some discussion about how many swings one needs to take daily or how much time one needs to spend to become good. I remember growing up, having my coach tell me that I needed 200 swings a day if I wanted to make it anywhere as a ball player. This thinking is flawed. Read Article
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Brian GottaFears of a Football Dad
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

I have three sons who played football, and the last one just took off his pads for the final time. I am relieved. I have lived in fear of serious injury since the day they began playing the sport. But then I started doing research on some of the other sports my kids still play. Maybe I'm not out of the worrying woods just yet. Read Article
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Dean Herbert

Best Practices for Motivation

by Dean Herbert

What are some ways to optimize motivation in youth? Rephrase your comments to enhance motivational environments. The key is to focus on and get your athletes to focus on the process of competing (or practice for that matter). By focusing on the right things - in the process of performing - you will optimize the opportunity for successful and desired results.Read Article

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