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Reduce, Reuse, and YES, we still Recycle, too! We have updates and opportunities for you to participate in reducing waste in Bedford and beyond.

Check out our news below:

  • Reuse and Reduce at the Take it or Leave it Shed!
  • Single Stream Recycling Still Strong in Bedford
  • Community Compost and Curbside Pick Up Survey
  • Zero Waste Events (volunteer @ Pleasantville Music Fest and join our team!)

Please spread the word to friends and neighbors about ways they can reduce waste, too! Forward to a Friend Thank you.
Reduce, Reuse - TIOLI!
The Take it or Leave it Shed is open again on Saturdays 10am-1pm in the Bedford Hills Train Station parking lot. 
--We welcome people from all over to come take items - free!  The TIOLI has decor, kitchenware, tools, office supplies, toys, games, and more.
--If you have items to leave, please pull your car up and volunteers will approve and carry items from your car. Click here for accepted items. 
Into community, recycling, and free stuff? Join our team of volunteers! 
Yes, We Still Recycle
Click here to see what your recyclables become.
Click here to see our updated Recycling Guide. What do to with other items is included on the back.
Recycling is better. When you recycle things like paper, cardboard, aluminum and plastic, you reduce the amount of waste that goes to the incinerator and provide materials for new products that otherwise would be made out of precious natural resources. (Click the graphic to the left to see what your recyclables become). 

What is different now? Most of Bedford's residential recycling is still processed at the Stamford Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), but they have had to make a few changes because of the downturn in the recyclable materials market (temporarily making their operation less profitable). These changes include being more strict about turning away contaminated* recyclables and no longer processing film plastics and plastic coated plates and cups.

Click the graphic to the left to see the new Bedford Recycling Guide. Remember to place clean (no food residue or grease), acceptable recyclables loose and dry in a bin labeled Recycling. The Recycling Guide has information on page 2 about what to do with non-recycable materials. Thank you for recycling!
*When recycling is "contaminated," it means that items have been mixed together in a way that is too labor intensive to separate at the MRF. For example, if non recyclables are mixed with your recyclables, or if food waste is present, the entire batch may be thrown away rather than sorted and cleaned.
In the Bedford 2020 Zero Waste Challenge, participating households weighed their trash, recycling and compost for 6 weeks and the aggregate data showed they recycled more than 65% of their total waste, and they changed their habits for good!
The ZWC participants' trash made up 35% of their total waste stream while the other 65% was recycled or composted. Not all participants composted.
Food Scrap Composting and Curbside Survey
No one wants to see food go to waste. Allow your leftover food scraps to decompose and the resulting compost, full of nutrients, can be used to fertilize gardens and support future healthy food production!

If you don't want to compost at home, join Community Compost and drop your food scraps off at the Bedford Recycling Center.

We want to know who would be interested in hearing more about an opportunity to have a company come do curbside pick up of their food scraps (similar to at-home pick up of trash and recycling). Take our quick survey and let us know if you are interested - or not. Thanks!
Bring your food scraps to the Recycling Center on Railroad Ave in Bedford Hills on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 8am-3pm.
Bedford 2020 sells compost kits that make it easy. $30 buys you an indoor and outdoor bucket and a roll of compostable bags. Sign up online and come by our office in Katonah to get yours!
Zero Waste Events
The Pleasantville Music Festival on July 13th - with an amazing line up of bands - will once again be a totally zero waste festival. 

How is that possible? With the help of volunteers! Join the team and have fun at the festival, too. Sign up here and select the zero waste option.

Interested in joining our local team to help make events in Bedford zero waste? Contact us!
Contact us: 914-620-2411;
Office: Lower Level, St. Luke's Parish House, Katonah
Mailing: PO Box 812, Bedford Hills, NY 10507